Children of Sorrow

Children of Sorrow
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Children of Sorrow
Release Date: Tue, Mar 04 2014
Release: DVD Release, VOD
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Simon Leach is a very, very sick man. Thriving on despair, pain, and panic, he unites a group of broken and desperate people in the middle of the desert. He showers them with the love and affection they’re so desperate for, but Simon has a much greater plan for his followers.

“Belongingness” can be a terrifying subject, even more so when acceptance is disingenuous. Children of Sorrow is the nightmare version of that. A young woman embeds herself in a cult looking for answers to her sisters disappearance, only to find a dark secret within the cult and an even darker secret within herself.

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New Official Trailer for the Children of Sorrow

Have you guys been keeping your eyes on Bill Oberst Jr’s latest flick Children of Sorrow? If not, I totally recommend that you add this one to your radar, and with the film set for release on DVD and VOD this March 4th, we have been provided with a brand new trailer. From the Press [...]

The Children of Sorrow to be Unleashed on DVD

We here have been following Jourdan McClure’s Children of Sorrow, ever since we got word of its conception, and then when Bill Oberst Jr. was announced to star, well, shit just got serious! We have unleashed trailers, posters and all sorts of photos, but the time has finally come, Children of Sorrow is making its way home. [...]

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