Chimères (2013)

Chimères (2013)
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Chimères (2013)
Release Date: Wed, Oct 16 2013
Release: Theatrical Release
Directed By:
Genre: ,
Starring: , ,

While on holidays in Romania with his girlfriend, Livia, Alexandre is hit by a car. He is rushed to the hospital where he has to undergo a blood transfusion.

On his return home, he seems to suffer from a strange disease, convinced that contaminated blood runs through his veins.

After all, isn’t Romania the land of legendary bloodsuckers?

Livia faces Alexandre’s increasingly strange behavior and tries to save their couple at risk.

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Official International Trailer for Chimères

I swear that Olivier Beguin’s Chimères looks better with each passing trailer, and with that, we have a brand new International trailer to share with you guys below. If you’re after something unique and original, I predict that this one will be the one for you, I think it looks awesome. The film stars Jasna Kohoutova, Yannick Rosset, [...]

New Official Poster for Chimères

We here have had our eyes firmly on Olivier Beguin’s latest horror flick Chimères, since we first got word of the film many years ago. At that time we had a little teaser trailer (see below) which totally blew me away, I loved it. So, fast forward to today and the director of the film, Olivier, [...]

First Stunning Trailer for Olivier Beguin’s Chimères

We often say this, but we love horror from all over the world. That’s what is so great about the genre, everyday something new and original comes along. So if you want to escape this Hollywood mold, head on down below and check out the first teaser trailer for Olivier Beguin’s Swiss horror flick Chimères. This [...]

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