Cowboys vs. Dinosaurs

Cowboys vs. Dinosaurs
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Cowboys vs. Dinosaurs
Release Date: Tue, May 19 2015
Release: DVD Release, VOD
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After a mining explosion in Livingston, Montana, formerly believed extinct breeds of dinosaurs suddenly emerge from the rubble. Now, a disgraced cowboy, who recently returned home to make amends for his past wrongdoings towards his ex-girlfriend, must team up with her new boyfriend, the sheriff, to defend their town against the rampaging beasts.

With the help of a few local gunslingers, the posse must band together in order to survive the deadly attack and take back their town.

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[Trailer] First Look at Cowboys vs. Dinosaurs

Well, I don’t even… Yeah. If you thought Cowboys vs. Aliens was ridiculous, you ain’t seen nothing. Let me introduce to you Cowboys vs. Dinosaurs from Ari Novak, which just so happens to star Eric Roberts, and we have scored the official trailer and some artwork courtesy of Dread Central. Check out the insanity below [...]

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