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Florian Sirko and his one-time love, Macy Patterson face a problem. A curse was originally cast from the attack of Haidamark Cossacks on Nemirov Poland, 1648, spawning a mythological creature, the Vodnik. This curse now plagues the Sirko family and the citizens of his town are paying with their souls.

Macy is of course hesitant to believe urban legend as is local County Sherriff, Ben Cade, who suspects Florian is dealing with the grief of losing his brother in a more sinister way. Running parallel to the story, George Bulter III and Teddy Marsh are two culinary masters of a local greasy spoon diner trying to perfect the art of buffalo frog legs. George inherited the establishment from his Uncle Corey, who was the other boy with Dimi, Florian and Macy on the fateful day of Dimi’s disappearance 20 years prior.

George is convinced that his recent nightmare of a strange, larger than life creature and his frog companions are stalking him and he wants payback. As the two storylines head for a collision, both protagonists realize the only way to break the curse and send the Vodnik back to hell is for it to collect 10 souls. The problem? The creature has his eye on one final soul, Macy.

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