Death Do Us Part

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Death Do Us Part
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Death Do Us Part
Release Date: Tue, Apr 15 2014
Release: DVD Release
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Kennedy Jamieson (Julia Benson) has waited her whole life for her perfect wedding. Engaged to the charming Ryan Harris (Peter Benson), it looks like her dream is about to come true. Except for one thing – the young couple hasn’t had a chance to celebrate their respective bachelor/bachelorette parties.

Ryan’s best man Chet (Kyle Cassie) books a remote cabin in the woods to throw them a “Jack and Jill” party that they’ll never forget. It doesn’t take long before things take a horrifying turn as members of the group are brutally picked off one by one. Kennedy and Ryan had planned for the celebration of a lifetime – but how long will that lifetime last?

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Death Do Us Part (2014) review

In the grand scope of horror history, the ‘trip up the cabin’ setup is a well-worn groove that most of us have seen played out to various degrees of success many times over. It seems like if given the choice, you shouldn’t trek to the woods for any reason, given the myriad of movie examples [...]

New Official Trailer for Death Do Us Part

From Anchor Bay Entertainment, comes Nicholas Humphries’ Death Do Us Part, and with the film set for a release this April 15th we have scored a brand new trailer thanks to our friends over at B-D. To be honest, I’m not sold on this one just yet. It seems to be a lot of been there done [...]

Official Artwork & Details for Death Do Us Part

From our friends over at Anchor Bay Entertainment, comes their latest flick Death Do Us Part, which is directed by Nicholas Humphries. And even if the plot details may give some of the film away I’m still highly intrigued by this sucker, so check out the details and lets hear what you make of this one? [...]

Official Trailer For Death Do Us Part

We’re always on the look out for new horror films for you guys to check out, and we may have found one more to add to your list. Here we have the official trailer for Nicholas Humphries’ slasher flick, Death Do Us Part, go watch it below. The film stars Julia Benson, Peter Benson, Emilie Ullerup, Christine [...]

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