Duress (2009)

Duress (2009)
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Duress (2009)
Release Date: Tue, Nov 12 2013
Release: DVD Release
Directed By:
Starring: , ,

Richard is mourning his wife’s recent suicide while attempting to mend his relationship with his only daughter while still haunted by his recent trauma. However, Richard is caught as a witness to the inhumane brutality of Abner Solvie (Sakis Rouvas).

Richard finds himself at the mercy of Abner, becoming his new-found protégé to further the crimes and brutality, while he is burdened by his involvement in the recent local murders.

Richard is forced by the charming yet sociopath Abner who forces his mentality upon Richard who is defenseless, as he needs to protect his loved-ones. Richard must ultimately chose whether he is willing to kill in order to protect his daughter’s life, while soon realizing that Abner is not the only deadly threat surrounding him.

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