FPS (2014)

FPS (2014)
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FPS (2014)
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First Person Shooter is the very first cinematic adaption of a complete horror movie shot like a hard first person shooter out of the 90′s.

The Latest FPS (2014) News

A First Person Shooter Movie Trailer

So I know we have already seen this video-game turned movie concept play out in movies like Doom. But what I can’t get enough of is the jump-out-of-your-seat moments when your turn the wrong corner and a baddie jumps out at you or just the array of weapons to be used to eliminate said bad [...]

Trailer for Slick new Indie Horror ‘FPS’

Right out of the gate I despise point of view horror because it has been overdone and has become the new ‘easy win’ for filmmakers looking to make a fast buck with little investment. That said I was just sent the trailer for FPS which is a point of view horror film that pays hommage [...]

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