Freaks of Nature

Freaks of Nature
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Freaks of Nature
Release Date: Fri, Oct 30 2015
Release: Theatrical Release
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In Freaks of Nature, we welcome you to Dillford, where three days ago, everything was peaceful and business as usual: the vampires were at the top of the social order, the zombies were at the bottom, and the humans were getting along in the middle. But this delicate balance was ripped apart when the alien apocalypse arrived in Dillford and put an end to all the harmony.

Now it’s humans vs. vampires vs. zombies in all-out, blood-sucking, brain-eating, vamp-staking mortal combat – and all of them are on the run from the aliens. It is up to three teenagers – one human, one vampire, and one zombie – to team up, figure out how to get rid of the interplanetary visitors, and try to restore order to this “normal” little town.

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‘Freaks of Nature’ Hits Home Video This February

Did you guys get a chance to witness Robbie Pickering’s (Natural Selection, Prom Night) Freaks of Nature during its initial theatrical run? Chances are, no. It was very limited, but thankfully the film is heading to home video so you can watch it in the comfort of your own home. Read on for all the details [...]

Official Red Band Trailer & Poster for ‘Freaks of Nature’

In a world where humans, zombies, vampires and aliens co-exist, you just know at some point that something is going to go down, and that’s exactly what happens in Robbie Pickering’s Freaks of Nature, it’s an all out war between various creatures and monsters and we have the official red band trailer so you can really [...]

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