Ghost Team One

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Ghost Team One
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Ghost Team One
Release Date: Tue, Dec 17 2013
Release: DVD Release, VOD
Directed By: ,
Genre: , ,
Starring: , , , , ,

When roommates Brad and Sergio accidentally arouse the dead, they team up with sexy amateur ghost hunter, Fernanda, to expose the evil inside their home.

But just as the guys start to get close to their hot new partner, they discover that a horny demon wants in on the action.

Now, cameras are up and more than fear is rising in this outrageous romp where only one thing is certain: someone is gonna get screwed.

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Ghost Team One (2013) Review

There are not of lot of things right about a horror-comedy film when the horror is uninspired and unoriginal and the comedy is mildly amusing at best and outright offensive at worst. Generally speaking, you want at least one of those two things to work to at least cover up for the other one but [...]

Ghost Team One Hits DVD, Best Horror Movie of 2013?

Apparently Ghost Team One the horror movie I never even heard of is the best horror film of the year. ┬áThe trailer is funny as hell but I am not so sure I agree with AICN’s claim that its the best horror movie of 2013! Press release and trailer below. The outrageous and subversive horror [...]

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