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One day, while working at a small film processing business to help pay for school, Matt, the son of an alcoholic father and a schizophrenic mother, begins to see the image of a mysterious man in photographs taken by different people in small towns all over the country.

When he learns that no one else can see the man, he fears he may have inherited his mother’s schizophrenia and sets out to reclaim his sanity by unraveling the supernatural mystery, but instead of leading him out of darkness, his quest takes him into a black labyrinth of true evil.

The Latest Ghosting News

First Trailer for ‘Ghosting’

From Kevin Alexander Boon comes his latest flick, Ghosting, which is a little supernatural thriller, and today we have scored our first look at the film via an early trailer for the film. So, make your way below and see if this is something that you’ll be looking out for? Synopsis: One day, while working at a [...]

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