Halloween 3D

Halloween 3D
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Halloween 3D
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Halloween 3D is being planned by Platinum Dunes. The project was well under way with The Weinsteins before the project reportedly ran out of money. Patrick Lussier was directing and Todd Farmer wrote the script.

Rumor has it this project is going to be making a come back in 2018 with John Carpenter working on the script.

The Latest Halloween 3D News

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Remember Dimension Films’ Halloween 3D? Yeah, it was meant to be released this October but it appears there was a slurry of problems or obstacles along the way and it just doesn’t look like its happening. However, B-D is reporting that Platinum Dunes are in line to take the reins of the latest Halloween film. [...]

Halloween 3D Has Release Date Pulled

Well, we all knew it was just a matter of time. Halloween 3D has had its release date changed and changed again over the past few years and I’m guessing it was just time for another one. With the release date initial set for October, 26, 2012. Box Office Mojo has the film categorized as TBD, so no [...]

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So with Patrick Lussier’s and Todd Farmer’s Drive Angry 3D hitting Blu-ray and DVD this coming Tuesday, the guys over at MTV had the chance to ask Lussier and Farmer about their proposed sequel, Halloween III. Apparently Todd Farmer has the script completed and they are currently in talks with The Weinstein Company to make [...]

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