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Release Date: Tue, Feb 18 2014
Release: DVD Release
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Hellbenders, an R-rated 3D exorcism comedy, follows the Augustine Interfaith Order of Hellbound Saints (Brooklyn Parish), highly secretive and profoundly blasphemous men of God, as they battle demonic forces too terrible to be cast out by traditional Vatican-approved methods.

The Latest Hellbenders News

Hellbenders Hits Blu-ray & DVD This February

To be honest with you guys, I don’t think I have heard anything but good things when it comes to JT Petty’s Hellbenders. So, I’m pretty damn stoked to finally check out this sucker and see if it lives up to these expectations. If you too are anxious to check this one out, we have [...]

Official Poster for J.T. Petty’s Hellbenders

Hot on the heels of the official trailer for J.T. Petty’s highly intriguing flick Hellbenders, comes the official poster and well, this sucker doesn’t look half as awesome as the trailer. Still, check out the generic poster below courtesy of STYD. The film stars Clancy Brown, Clifton Collins, Jr., Andre Royo, Robyn Rikoon, Macon Blair, and [...]

Hellbenders Gets a Release Date

J.T. Petty’s Hellbenders has just been given a release date of October 18th. Lionsgate will be giving the film a limited theatrical release that will coincide with the VOD release. It is being assumed that they will release the film in 3D in theaters but that has yet to be determined. The film stars Clifton Collins [...]

First International Trailer for JT Petty‘s Hellbenders

Well, this looks like an absolute freakin’ blast! What we have for you today is the first International trailer for JT Petty‘s (The Burrowers) Hellbenders, and if you can’t guess already, its a little bit awesome. It looks fun, gory, and has an impressive cast to boot. So, head on down below and check this sucker [...]

Lionsgate Acquires Hellbenders 3D

Lionsgate has just acquired J.T. Petty’s horror comedy Hellbender 3D for North America and select foreign territories. They plan on doing a theatrical run for the film but the date has yet to be announced. Hellbenders stars Clancy Brown, Clifton Collins Jr., Andre Royo, Robyn Rikoon, Macon Blair and Dan Folger. The film was shot in [...]

First Photos from Hellbenders

With the Toronto International Film Festival fast approaching, be prepared for a slew of updates from films hitting the festival this year. Next up is JT Petty’s Hellbenders, and we have scored four brand new photos for you guys to check out. The film stars Clifton Collins Jr., Clancy Brown, Andre Royo and Robyn Rikoon. Synopsis: [...]

First Images from Hellbenders

J.T. Petty has recently begun filming his upcoming supernatural thriller Hellbenders, which has me confused as it sounds like a straight up supernatural flick. But its come described as a mash-up of The Hangover meets The Exorcist. The film follows a group of demonologists who battle a terrifying force which threatens their lives and faith. Petty [...]

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