Hellraiser (2016)

Hellraiser (2016)
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Hellraiser (2016)
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Release: In Development
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No official plot details have been released.

The Latest Hellraiser (2016) News

Hellraiser Reboot to be Set on Devil’s Island? Clive Barker Talks

I absolutely love Hellraiser, well, the first two mostly and then it kinda spirals off into something else. Sure, there have been some pretty coll ideas throughout the series, but unfortunately none of the later films were able to encapsulate the true horror of the first two films so in a way in kinda makes [...]

Doug Bradley Talks Hellraiser Remake

It should come as no surprise that the original Pinhead has an opinion on the plans for another Hellraiser remake. Clive Barker as you all should know has been tapped to write the remake but its really unclear if this is going to be a true remake or a reboot. What we do know for [...]

New Hellraiser Trailer Will Blow Your Mind!

Hellraiser wasnt one of my favorites but its far from being not one of the greats. The recent announcements that Hellraiser is finally going to be coming back to life by Clive Barker can only be topped by the truly fantastic trailer that Michael Le Han just released which you can see above. Michael Le [...]

Clive Barker to Write the Hellraiser Remake! – Doug Bradley to Return? Plus More

Yep. You read that headline right. Today is a joyous day for us horror fiends and of course, for us fans of Clive Barker’s Hellraiser. As you all know there has been a lot of talk in the past regarding the remake of Hellraiser and basically, it has led to know where. But, today it’s [...]

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