I Am ZoZo

I Am ZoZo
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I Am ZoZo
Release Date: Tue, Nov 19 2013
Release: DVD Release
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On Halloween night, five teens decide to liven up their party with some innocent fun: by summoning the spirits. At first, it’s all nervous laughter and scoffing.

Then, the night takes a sinister turn: the board reveals truths, exposes secrets it cannot possibly know, and triggers inexplicable events within the darkened house. As the session continues, an entity reveals itself: Zozo.

And as the terrified teens are about to discover, once you make contact with this ancient, demonic force, you’re no longer playing a game… the game is playing you. A pulse-pounding, edge-of-your-seat supernatural thriller based on multiple reports of spirit board encounters with this savagely malicious spirit.

The Latest I Am ZoZo News

Official Trailer & Poster for I Am Zozo

It looks as if that Ouija board is up to its old tricks again and set to unleash more demons as Scott Di Lalla’s I Am Zozo, has unleashed the official trailer and we have that sucker below courtesy of the folks over at B-D. We have also scored the official poster for you guys to scope [...]

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