Iron Sky: The Coming Race

Iron Sky: The Coming Race
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Iron Sky: The Coming Race
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Twenty years after the events of Iron Sky, the former Nazi Moonbase has become the last refuge of mankind. Earth was devastated by a nuclear war, but buried deep under the wasteland lies a power that could save the last of humanity – or destroy it once and for all.

The truth behind the creation of mankind will be revealed when an old enemy leads our heroes on an adventure into the Hollow Earth. To save humanity they must fight the Vril, an ancient shapeshifting reptilian race and their army of dinosaurs.

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‘Iron Sky: The Coming Race’ Releases its Insane Official Teaser Trailer

I loved, loved, loved Timo Vuorensola’s Iron Sky, it was just an epic feast for the eyes and ears that was totally insane, but it worked. However, it left me wondering just how are they ever going to top it? Well, the sequel, Iron Sky: The Coming Race recently dropped its teaser trailer and it features [...]

Official Teaser Trailer for Iron Sky: The Coming Race

It is finally here! The teaser trailer for Timo Vuorensola’s Iron Sky: The Coming Race, has arrived and in short, it’s freakin’ awesome! Ever wondered what it would be like to witness Hitler riding a dinosaur? Well, wonder no more, all will be revealed in the teaser below. Synopsis: Twenty years after the events of Iron Sky, [...]

Official Teaser Poster for Iron Sky The Coming Race

This has made my day. How many of you guys have seen Timo Vuorensola’s flick Iron Sky? If not, I urge you to hunt this one day and check it out, I loved it. But by the sounds of things, it could have been much better if the people involved didn’t have to compromise the film [...]

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