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Release Date: Fri, Jun 16 2017
Release: Theatrical Release
Directed By:
Starring: , , , ,

Leonard is struggling to come to terms with his grief, nearly a year after his wife’s murder. Hoping to move on with his life, Leonard reconnects with Grace (Eugenia Yuan), a woman from his past; his outlook,thanks to her, begins to brighten. Then, a visit to the site of his wife’s murder leads him to a mysterious interloper (Byron Mann), who he believes is her killer. Leonard decides to take justice into his own hands as events take a startling turn towards the unexpected.

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‘Jasmine’ Finds a Home on DVD & Blu-ray This July

From Indican Pictures comes Dax Phelan’s dark thriller Jasmine, and we can reveal that the film will receive a limited theatrical release in Los Angeles this June 16th and then the film will hit DVD and VOD on in July. Below we have the official trailer and details pertaining to the flick, let us know if this [...]

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