Juan of the Dead (DVD)

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Juan of the Dead (DVD)
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Juan of the Dead (DVD)
Release Date: Fri, Sep 14 2012
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“When Havana begins to fill up with zombies, two friends hatch a plan to launch a zombie extermination service after their picturesque island is overrun by the living dead in this satirical horror film from director Alejandro Brugués (Personal Belongings). Fast, fun and hilarious, JUAN OF THE DEAD, gives a decidedly latin touch to the zombie genre, along with a winking nod to the zom-com hit, Shaun of the Dead.

It’s the anniversary of the Cuban Revolution, and as the hungry undead make an unwelcomed appearance, best friends Juan (Alexis Días de Villegas) and Lázardo (Jorge Molina) decide to parlay their skills for dispatching zombies into a professional career. “Juan of the dead killed their loved ones” is their slogan, and their mission is to help people get rid of those infected around them … for a price. As the government attempts to maintain public order by blaming the fracas on Americans who they claim are attempting to topple the current regime, Juan and Lazardo rally the troops, gather their weapons, and prepare to make a killing by ridding Cuba of zombies one shambling, flesh-eating corpse at a time!

The Latest Juan of the Dead (DVD) News

Zombie Week: Win Free Zombie DVD’s!

Beginning today for every day for the rest of the week Focus Features is giving away 2 of our favorite Zombie DVDs: SHAUN OF THE DEAD and JUAN OF THE DEAD. We happen to think this is a pretty damn good contest since you can win the Classic Shaun of the Dead and also score [...]

Juan of the Dead Hits DVD This August – Full Details Inside

We have been talking about Alejandro Brugues’ Juan of the Dead for what feels like years. We’ve seen all the trailers, the posters, the stills and everything else in between. Our very own writers have reviewed the film, such as Simon and DirtyGirl, and now its your turn, folks. The day you have been waiting [...]

Juan of the Dead Movie Review

Greetings, all. This is Simon, the temporary new writer for HM from now until the beginning to mid-august through the Montreal Fantasia International Film Festival. This is the 16th edition of the festival and it gains more attention and fame each year, presenting movies of the “fantastic” genre, going from horror movies to science fiction, [...]

Official U.S. Release Date For Juan of the Dead

I know you guys have been waiting ever so patiently for this one, I have too, but thankfully these Cuban zombies will soon be shambling over onto U.S. shores onto via DVD and VOD. According to the guys over at Dread Central, Juan of the Dead will hit iVOD and VOD, along with DVD and other [...]

Zombie Filled Poster For Juan of the Dead

Its been far too quiet on the Juan of the Dead front, but thankfully we have something for you and I think you will love. Here we have the brand new poster for Alejandro Brugues’ upcoming zombie comedy, check it out and then go watch the trailer again below, its a little bit good. Juan of the [...]

Juan of the Dead Review

Juan of the Dead is the first Cuban Zombie movie ever made.  Juan and his friend, Lazaro,  wake up one morning to a Zombie invasion in Havana.  The Cuban government is reporting that the Zombie outbreak is  “Americans trying to undermine the Cuban government”.  Obviously poking fun at the Cuban’s political propaganda. Juan and his friends decide  that they can make a [...]

Juan of the Dead US Release Date

I have been sold on Alejandro Brugues’ Juan of the Dead since the first time I laid eyes on the teaser trailer. This one looks totally badass, and this one is quickly being picked up for many territories, worldwide, and now Juan has found a home in the U.S. According to Variety, Juan of the Dead [...]

International Juan of the Dead Release Dates

Juan of the Dead is one zombie flick we have been following for sometime and each time I read that title I get a little more excited. Juan of the Dead is picking up speed at an extraordinary pace and has been acquired for many territories and now the UK and Japan will get their fix. According to Variety, Metrodome [...]

Juan of the Dead Gets U.S. Distribution

Juan of the Dead is another film we have been following religiously, which has been called Cuba’s first horror film, it is one we need to get our hands on and perhaps it may not be as distant as we feared. According to the guys over at Variety, John Sloss and Bart Walker’s Cinetic Media [...]

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