Jug Face

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Jug Face
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Jug Face
Release Date: Tue, Oct 15 2013
Release: DVD Release
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Ada, her family and a small isolated backwoods community worship a mysterious pit. The pit has the power to heal and protect all who honor it but at a deadly price…it demands an occasional sacrifice. The pit communicates through the local potter who, while in a trance, crafts ceramic jugs that carry the face of a person to be sacrificed to the entity that lives within it. Ada has a secret about the latest jug face that she’s determined to keep hidden but the pit demands a sacrifice and unleashes an evil onto the community until it gets who it really wants.

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Jug Face Review

It is once in a cinematic generation that a film comes along that manages to do what Jug Face has done. Shot on a shoe string budget, Jug Face manages to not only feel like a big budget movie, but puts them to shame in every conceivable category in filmmaking. The fact that this comes [...]

New Clip From ‘Jug Face’ Gets Us Talking

I only recently heard about Jug Face. I’ve seen the posters with star Lauren Ashley Carter (The Woman) and her disturbing milky-white eyes, but I hadn’t given it the time of the day.  Now, I’m genuinely excited for what looks like a crazy creepy film with solid acting and a surprisingly absorbing story. The film follows Ada [...]

New Official Clip for Jug Face

What with Chad Crawford Kinkle’s latest flick Jug Face, readily available on VOD and in select theatres, a new official clip has made its way online and we have that one below for you guys to check out. If you have managed to see this one, let us know what you thought of it? The film stars Sean [...]

Jug Face Finally Scores a Release Date

For those of you who are looking forward to Chad Crawford Kinkle’s upcoming flick, Jug Face, can be safe in the knowledge that the film has secured a release date and we have all the details for you. According to Deadline, Jug Face, will hit VOD this July 8th, and then in theatres this August 9th through Modernciné’s [...]

New Official Poster for Jug Face Creeps In

For those of you who are anxious to check out Chad Crawford Kinkle’s upcoming flick, Jug Face, will be very pleased to know that a poster has made its way online and we have that sucker in all its eerie glory below. The film stars Sean Young (Blade Runner), Larry Fessenden (The Last Winter), Lauren Ashley Carter [...]

108 Media Acquires Jug Face

During its quest for world domination, Jug Face, has found a new home via 108 Media and we have all the details regarding the recent acquisition. The film is slated to have its VOD premiere this July via Gravitas Ventures. For more information regarding the 108 Media acquisition, read on below. From the Press Release: Expanding the slate [...]

Chad Crawford Kinkle’s Jug Face Casts Up

Modercine, the studio that gave us the critically acclaimed flick The Woman, now have a new film in the works and we have the details and the first casting news courtesy of our friends over at B-D. The site reports that, Chad Crawford Kinkle will be helming the latest film for Modercine entitled Jug Face which [...]

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