Knights of Badassdom

Knights of Badassdom
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Knights of Badassdom
Release Date: Tue, Feb 11 2014
Release: VOD
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KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM follows three best friends (Peter Dinklage, Steve Zahn and Ryan Kwanten) and dedicated LARPers (Live Action Role Players) as they take to the woods to reenact a dungeons and dragons-like scenario fresh out of the mythical Middle Ages.

Trouble arises after they unwittingly conjure up some serious evil in the form of a blood-lusting Succubus, from the pits of hell.

Fantasy and reality collide on the Fields of Evermore in an all-out epic battle of make-believe wizards, demons and assorted mythical creatures. Their courage and friendship is put to the test as they attempt to vanquish the evil they have summoned.

Will the group prove to simply be foam sword-wielding LARPers, or true “Knights of Badassdom?”

The Latest Knights of Badassdom News

New Official Clip from the Knights of Badassdom

Joe Lynch’s Knights of Badassdom is officially upon us. Okay, it may not be the version he intended, but the film is out there. If you guys didn’t get a chance to see this sucker during its limited theatrical run which began this past January 21st, do not fret. The film will soon be making [...]

Official Poster for Knights of Badassdom

While we may not be getting Joe Lynch’s original version of Knights of Badassdom anytime soon, the some what cut version is making its way towards us at a frightening pace. So, with the film looming around the corner, we have finally scored the official poster courtesy of IGN. The film stars Peter Dinklage, Ryan Kwanten, [...]

The Cut Version of Knights of Badassdom to be Released This February

Will we ever see Joe Lynch’s original cut of Knights of Badassdom? Who knows, maybe one day, but for now it appears as if we will just have to deal with the producers version of the film, as the film has been set for a VOD release this February 11th via Entertainment One. The film [...]

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