Loss of Life (2013)

Loss of Life (2013)
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Loss of Life (2013)
Release Date: Fri, Oct 25 2013
Release: DVD Release
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A young girl named Erica Shaw was arrested after she was found in a bathroom high on methamphetamines. In the bath tub of the very same bathroom two young girls were found,apparently drowned.  After months of deliberations, the young girl was acquitted due to lack of evidence and the family of the children mourned. The only justice – she was to attend drug rehab for the next two years.

Several months later, two young boys Derrick and Alonzo started their high school years together and became best of friends.

Derrick’s father leaves without a word.  Alonzo encourages Derrick to get an internship at a small production studio to get his mind off things. There, Derrick learns his love for cameras and documentaries.  Along the way, they become friends with Joey, Nick, Sean and Trevon. This is the group of kids who decide to document their Halloween night out.

It is around this time that Erica Shaw is released from Rehab in Northern California.

HALLOWEEN 2012: In the late hours of the evening, LAPD was dispatched to the 7100 block of Laurel Canyon Blvd in response to reports of gunfire. In their investigation, an effort was made to reconstruct a timeline of events that night from victim’s cell phones, personal video cameras, and a location security camera.

The LAPD has titled this compilation of video evidence as LOSS OF LIFE.

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