Mad Max Fury Road

Mad Max Fury Road
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Mad Max Fury Road
Release Date: Fri, May 15 2015
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“Principal photography began 9 July on the dystopian action adventure “Mad Max: Fury Road,” a Kennedy Miller Mitchell production written and directed by “Mad Max” creator and Academy Award(R) winner George Miller (“Happy Feet”). The film will be presented by Warner Bros. Pictures in association with Village Roadshow Pictures. It will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company, and in select territories by Village Roadshow Pictures.

“Mad Max: Fury Road”–the fourth in the franchise’s history–stars Tom Hardy (“The Dark Knight Rises”) in the title role of Max Rockatansky, alongside Oscar(R) winner Charlize Theron (“Monster”, “Prometheus”) as Imperator Furiosa.

According to Miller, “Mad Max is caught up with a group of people fleeing across the Wasteland in a War Rig driven by the Imperator Furiosa. This movie is an account of the Road War which follows. It is based on the Word Burgers of the History Men and eyewitness accounts of those who survived.”

“Mad Max: Fury Road” also stars Nicholas Hoult (“X-Men: First Class”) as Nux; Hugh Keays-Byrne (“Mad Max,” “Sleeping Beauty”) as Immortan Joe; and Nathan Jones (“Conan the Barbarian”) as Rictus Erectus. Collectively known as The Wives, Zoe Kravitz (“X-Men: First Class”) plays Toast, Riley Keough (“Magic Mike”) is Capable, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (“Transformers: Dark of the Moon”) is Splendid. They are joined by supermodel Abbey Lee Kershaw as The Dag and Courtney Eaton as Fragile, both of whom are making their big screen debuts. Also featured in the movie are Josh Helman as Slit, Jennifer Hagan as Miss Giddy, and singer/songwriter/performer iOTA as Coma-Doof Warrior.”

The Latest Mad Max Fury Road News

Is George Miller Done With Making ‘Mad Max’ Movies?

Last year I watched a film that totally blew me away in terms of action, that film was George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road. It was just a visual onslaught of awesomeness, and I’m pretty sure it proved a lot of people wrong by how well the film did. And thus, cementing George Miller’s name back [...]

The Final Official Trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road

Is it May 15th yet? C’mon, I need my Mad Max fix! But in the meantime, we have scored the final trailer for the upcoming flick and it’s all kinds of awesome. This one just looks so damn good, so check out the trailer below and get ready for Mad Max at a theatre near [...]

New Official Trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road

A couple of weeks a go we gave you guys the full official trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road, which was filled with all sorts of awesomeness and had me fully on-board for the latest flick. Today is no different, we have scored yet another trailer for the upcoming film and it gives us a [...]

Full Official Trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road

Okay. Wow! I’ve just got done watching the new trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road, and I was completely mesmerized by its visuals. This is the best trailer I have seen in a very long time, it was two minutes of insanity and I can’t wait to witness the full onslaught. So, you guys need [...]

New Official Poster for Mad Max: Fury Road

What a year for movies, or I should say what a year for franchises. What with Terminator: Genisys, Jurassic World, and of course Mad Max: Fury Road, in which we have scored a brand new poster for the film and you guys can check it out below. The film is directed by George Miller and stars Tom [...]

New Fiery Trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road

With a release date tentatively set for Summer 2015, it’s no wonder that things have been rather quiet on the “Mad Max” front.  However, with the dead of winter upon us, now is the perfect time to release an explosive trailer set in the unforgiving desert. The newest trailer for “Mad Max: Fury Road” gives [...]

Four New Character Posters for Mad Max: Fury Road

Last week finally saw the arrival of the first trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road, and it got some mixed reactions, some thought it was just “okay,” while others were pretty much blown away by the trailer. I for one am looking forward to this, albeit it has a few too many explosions, but hopefully [...]

SDCC Mad Max Fury Road Trailer

I have been waiting for the new trailer for the remake of MAD MAX to finally land and thanks to Warner Brothers we have your first look. Mad Max Fury Road is a reboot of the 1979 film which saw Mel Gibson play an Aussie cop who is out for vengeance after his family is [...]

First Official Photos from Mad Max: Fury Road

Are you guys looking forward to Mad Max: Fury Road? If not, you soon will be once you’ve laid your eyes upon these first set of official photos we have for you courtesy of Entertainment Weekly. This looks awesome! Here’s hoping the final product comes through. The film is directed by George Miller and stars [...]

New Synopsis for Mad Max: Fury Road

It has been a long time coming but it’s looking good now. Mad Max: Fury Road has certainly had its share of obstacles throughout the years, but finally the film is on the way with a release date locked for May 15, 2015. And today, we have scored the new synopsis for the upcoming film courtesy [...]

Mad Max: Fury Road Lands a Release Date

“Mad Max: Fury Road” has been a long time coming.  After an extended shooting period and a couple of re-shoots, the sequel to the Mel Gibson classic has finally landed a release date. Warner Bros. will release “Mad Max: Fury Road” on May 15, 2015 in 3D.  The film is being written and directed by [...]

Check Out this Mad Max Poster Exclusive to Comic-Con

All the major studios, comic book publishers, and videogame developers are currently hawking their wares down in San Diego for Comic-Con and I couldn’t be more jealous of everyone going.  If you’re one of today’s lucky attendees, you should wander by the Warner Bros. booth as they’re giving out an exclusive SDCC poster for their [...]

Mad Max Fury Road First Photos *Spoilers*

First off the photo is both spoiler-ish and awesome so if you do not want to know a single thing about the upcoming Mad Max movie please do not click on this article. From our pals at QuietEarth we have your first look at the Mutants that will appear in the upcoming film. “Mad Max: Fury [...]

Plot Details and Characters Revealed for Mad Max: Fury Road

This one has been a very long time coming. We’ve had many stops and starts with many of us questioning if the fourth Mad Max film would ever start filming. Well, it appears as if all the bad times are behind us now as the film is officially moving ahead and we have the full [...]

Mad Max: Fury Road First Photos?

Mad Max: Fury Road is yet another film that has been off and on many times, no-one exactly knowing just what the heck is going on. Although we did report that shooting was postponed last year due to the unfortunate weather conditions which hit South Australia. So just what is going on? Well, MadMaxMovies has what [...]

Casting News for Mad Max: Fury Road

The fourth Mad Max film Fury Road, has been fairly quiet, last I heard, filming was postponed due to unexpected circumstances in Australia, mainly the weather, which put the film on hold. But, recently a little bit of news has appeared, according to the guys over at MovieHole, Richard Norton will be playing one of [...]

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