O’ Apostolo

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O’ Apostolo
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O’ Apostolo
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O Apóstolo tells the story of Ramón (Carlos Blanco) and Xavier (Luis Tosar of Sleep Tight), a couple thieves who escape prison with the intent of tracking down some stolen jewels Xavier had hidden away in a small farmhouse in a small village years earlier.

Almost immediately they split up (by accident) and Ramón must make his way to Xanaz alone with the hope, or maybe not, of meeting back up with Xavier to recover the bounty.

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O’ Apostolo Movie review

O Apóstolo is a beautifully crafted, spooky ghost fable by Fernando Cortizo which, I hope, gets some chance at a wider audience after festivals and the like. The film does something I absolutely love in animated films which is to tell a story that doesn’t actually need to be animated to be effective. To have [...]

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