Paranormal Activity 4

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Paranormal Activity 4
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Paranormal Activity 4
Release Date: Fri, Oct 19 2012
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Paranormal Activity 4 follows the story of Hunter Rey who is now six years old and Katie. They have moved into a house together as mother and son and suddenly the neighbours start  to experience the same hauntings that occured to Katie and Kristi’s family.

The Latest Paranormal Activity 4 News

Paranormal Activity 5 Hits Next October! – Paranormal Activity 4 Tops the Box-Office

Well guys, it certainly doesn’t look like the Paranormal Activity franchise is going anywhere just yet, and again proves that cinema goers world-wide can’t get enough of the found footage. With part 4 currently playing in theatres nationwide, the box-office report has come in and the fourth installment has topped the box-office with $30.2 million, [...]

Connect With This Brand New Paranormal Activity 4 Clip

Paranormal Activity 4 is currently playing in theatres nationwide and I know a lot of you have already let your opinions be heard, be it good or bad. But just in case you haven’t see this one yet, we have a brand new clip to try and get you in the mood for some more [...]

Paranormal Activity 4 Review

Paranormal Activity picks up where Katie abducted Hunter at the end of Part 2. The plot focus’s on a new family that lives across the street from Katie and “Robbie”. The kid always comes over to Alex’s house; she is a blonde girl living in the house with her family. Robbie wants to play with [...]

Paranormal Activity 4 Reviews From The Community

So Paranormal Activity 4 is now playing and I want to know what you all think of the latest film in the franchise. Have your say below and inform the community is PA4 worth seeing? The original film which spawned this massive movie franchise was made for $15,000 and went on to bring in $193million [...]

Mondo Does Paranormal Activity 4 Poster

Today Mondo announced they will be selling some Paranormal Activity 4 posters tomorrow October 18th. These posters are very minimal something Hollywood doesn’t always tend to do.. Well do it in style anyway. Paranormal Activity 4 will be in theaters on October 19th. It has been five years since the disappearance of Katie and Hunter, [...]

Witness Levitation in New Paranormal Activity 4 Clip

This Friday see’s the return of the Paranormal Activity franchise to theatres nationwide, and I for one cannot wait. These films have become a love it or hate it, so if you’re one of the followers, head on down below for a brand new clip in anticipation for this Friday. “It has been five years [...]

Audience Reaction Trailer Here for Paranormal Activity 4

Today Paramount released a crowd reaction trailer to get everyone amped up for the release on October 19th. It’s not very long but it does what it is supposed to do. Check it out below and keep it here for more on Paranormal Activity 4. The film takes place five years after Paranormal Activity 2, [...]

All the Activity Has Led to This! – New Paranormal Activity 4 Clip

Are you guys ready to see what Paranormal Activity 4 has in store for you? Come October 19th all will be revealed, but in the meantime a new clip has made its way online which chronicles all the activity up until this point. Go check it out below and see what you guys think? Related [...]

A Slew of Paranormal Activity 4 Photos

With Paranormal Activity 4 hitting theatres this October 19th, their official Facebook page has unleashed a slew of brand new photos from the upcoming sequel, and as always, we have those suckers below for you guys to check out. Related [...]

New Image From Paranormal Activity 4

Ramping up the buzz for Paranormal Activity 4 Paramount has released another image from the film. Today the image is a little creepy if little kids give you the willies. It is very reminiscent of Damien from The Omen. Check out the image below and if you feel so inclined check it out in theaters [...]

Final Official Trailer for Paranormal Activity 4

Here it is guys, the final full trailer for Paranormal Activity 4 and we have it in all its glory below for your viewing pleasure. Go check it out and let us know what you think? Will you be watching this one in theatres this October 19th? Related [...]

New Image from Paranormal Activity 4

Paranormal Activity has officially taken over Halloween now replacing Saw. With the film getting closer and closer to release on October 19th the official Facebook page has just released a new image. It looks a little ominous with the child apparently looking up at something. Check it out below. The film takes place five years [...]

Evil Is Unleashed in New Paranormal Activity 4 Clip

Paranormal Activity has become a love it or hate it affair with the horror camp truly divided down the middle. I’m on the love it side, I simply cannot get enough of this found footage craze, and if you too can’t get enough Paranormal Activity, head on down below for the brand new spook-filled clip. [...]

Katie Featherston Appearence In Paranormal Activity 4?

Rumors are abound that Katie Featherston will make a small appearance in Paranormal Activity 4. So far it has only been rumor but BD tracked her down at the Eye-Gore awards last night and asked her about it. “I know! I hear it on the internet, so of course it’s true! I actually don’t know [...]

Witness Fear in New Paranormal Activity 4 Photo

The Paranormal Activity series has become something like ‘Marmite’, you either love it or down right hate it. I’m swaying more to the love it side, but will a fourth film deliver the goods? Who knows. In the meantime, we have scored a brand new photo from the upcoming film which hits theatres this October [...]

More Paranormal Activity 4 Photos

Paramount has released yet another new photo for Paranormal Activity 4 which once again shows very little and eludes to something spooky. Plot details are still undisclosed, but all will be revealed come October 19th when Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost’s Paranormal Activity 4 invades thatres. Related [...]

Paranormal Activity 5 Release Date

Is anyone even remotely surprised that Paranormal Activity 5 is moving ahead? It is actually not that earth shattering but the more interesting news is that apparently Paramount has now chosen the directors. When Paranormal Activity 4 was announced we heard that a 5th film was likely and now from BestMoviesEver comes news that Catfish [...]

New Paranormal Activity 4 Photo

Paranormal Activity is sneaking closer by the minute and Paramount has just released a brand new photo. Love the series or hate it which seems to be 50/50 in our community you can not deny its staying power and its insane box office profits. Paramount has made an absolute mint of the films and with [...]

Paranormal Activity 4 Photo

The first photo for Paranoraml Activity 4 has just hit the web and you can check it out below. True to form it features the creepy-deeky and an oblivious teenage girl… much like the trailers. Paranormal Activity is a polarizing topic but nothing can stop the franchise from making hundreds of millions of dollars. Love [...]

Paranormal Activity 4 Third New Trailer!

Paranormal Activity 4 is landing in theaters this October and Paramount is buttering everyone up with a ton of trailers that do nothing but build anticipation and tell us jack squat about the movies. Paranormal Activity is the most profitable movie ever made and the film and its sequels have polarized our community. You either [...]

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