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Release Date: Fri, May 22 2015
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In a revisionist take on the classic horror film, a family struggling to make ends meet relocates to an outdated suburban home and is confronted by an angry spirit who kidnaps their youngest daughter and challenges them to band together to rescue her from the clutches of evil.

The Latest Poltergeist News

Something is in the Shadows in New Poltergeist Clip

Just on the off chance that you guys haven’t seen enough footage of the Poltergeist remake already, we have scored yet another clip for you to check out if you wish to do so. This time around something sinister is lurking in the shadows and waiting for the perfect opportunity to show itself, so will [...]

A Trio of Poltergeist Clips Inside

May 22nd is almost upon us, and with that, the powers that be want to make sure that we have that date firmly cemented into our minds, so below we have scored three new clips from the upcoming Poltergeist remake. One is a domestic clip and the other two are from the UK. Synopsis: Legendary [...]

First Official Poltergeist Clip Inside

Whether you want it or not, the remake of Poltergeist is just around the corner and will soon be scaring a new generation of fans and maybe a few old ones as well. Speaking of the old, what we have for you, thanks to Collider, is the first official clip from the film which takes us [...]

They Know What Scares You in New Poltergeist Poster

I could have sworn that this remake was just announced and now before you know it, this sucker is almost released, in fact it’s released next month! Well, guys, as you know the Poltergeist remake has already got its share of defectors but I say give it a chance, you just never know. Anyway, while we wait [...]

This New Poltergeist Poster Ain’t So Happy

Wow. Time sure has flown by. I was thinking we’re still a fair way until the Poltergeist remake is unleashed, but it’s not. In fact, this one hits next month, May 22nd. So, with this film looming ever closer we have scored a brand new poster for the upcoming film and those who suffer from Coulrophobia, may [...]

New Poltergeist TV Spot Asks ‘What Are You Afraid Of?’

As you guys are very much aware, the remake of Poltergeist is officially on the way and of course it is so easy to hate on. But, I say give the film the benefit of the doubt and check out this new TV spot and let us know if you aren’t just a little bit [...]

Official UK Trailer for the Poltergeist Remake Has Arrived

Yesterday we ushered in the US trailer for Poltergeist, but the powers that be took it down. It’s up today by-the-way, but more importantly, 20th Century Fox UK have now unveiled the official trailer for us folks in the UK which is slightly different to those of you in the States. Anyway, go check it [...]

[Updated]First Official Poltergeist Trailer Inside

Are you guys ready? Well, they’re here! Yep, it’s the first official trailer for the upcoming remake of Poltergeist and we have that sucker ready for your viewing below. I know many of you just hate remakes, but aren’t you just a little intrigued? Go on, you may just like it? The film stars Jared [...]

Poltergeist Moves to Summer 2015

Watch out big blockbuster movies, horror is slowly becoming the new star of summer.  Sure, these films may not put up the biggest numbers, but they do surprisingly well and tend to have miniscule budgets compared to the usual summer spectacles.  This year we saw “Purge: Anarchy” do very well by grossing nearly $90 million [...]

Poltergeist Remake Will Hit Theaters in 2015

20th Century Fox has given it’s upcoming “Poltergeist” remake a definitive release date.  To quote a certain horror movie: “They’re nearly here, as long as Fox doesn’t decide to mess with the date.” Wait, that’s not right. I’ll come back to it. “Poltergeist” will hit theaters on February 13th, 2015. The very first Friday the [...]

Jane Adams Is Cast in the Poltergeist Reboot

Here we have some more casting news for you guys this morning in regards to the upcoming reboot of Poltergeist. Yesterday we gave you the news that Saxon Sharbino was cast in the flick, and now we can reveal that Jane Adams has scored a role as well. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jane Adams [...]

Saxon Sharbino Is Cast in the Poltergeist Reboot

Here we have some more casting news for you guys this morning and this one is for the looming reboot of Poltergeist. Yep, like it or not, this sucker is coming, but if past reboots are anything to go by, we shouldn’t write this one off just yet, although it is very easy to do. [...]

Exclusive: Poltergeist Remake Shooting Now, First Set Details

A scooper contacted us to share some insights on the upcoming Poltergeist remake. The scoop includes where it is shooting as well as some minor plot details. Minks tells us quote; Filming is underway here in Toronto. They picked a creepy old historical home close to me and I just got notice that their equipment [...]

The Poltergeist Remake Adds One More to the Fold

What with MGM and Fox 2000’s remake of Poltergeist officially on the cards, we have yet more casting news for you guys, and this one has a Sherlock Holmes connection. Read on for more below and let us know what you think? According to Deadline, Jared Harris (pictured right; Sherlock Holmes, The Ward) has been cast [...]

Sam Rockwell to Join Poltergeist Reboot?

Recently it was reported that Rosemarie DeWitt (Rachel Getting Married) would play the matriarch of the Bowen family.  Now it seems Sam Rockwell (Moon) is director Gil Kenan‘s top choice for Mr. Bowen, the head of a disparate family who seeks a new start in an old New England house (we wish them luck on that by the way). Although Rockwell is [...]

MGM & Fox 2000 Team Up for the Poltergeist Remake

We all know that a remake of Poltergeist is on the horizon, but until now it was basically word of mouth, and nothing was really officially confirmed. Today however, the official word has come in and we can reveal that the remake will begin filming this Fall, with MGM and Fox 2000 in partnership to [...]

First Plot Details for the Poltergeist Remake

Well, you all knew it was coming, but as we haven’t had an update in so long on the remake of Poltergeist, I’m sure some of you were hoping that the film had a silent death. Unfortunately that is no the case. The remake is still on the way, and in fact, Gil Kenan, the [...]

Poltergeist Remake Shooting This Summer!

Looks like MGM is trying to keep the ball rolling on this  Poltergeist remake.  Yesterday we learned that they Gil Kenan had been picked up to direct the movie, making him the third director to be attached to the project. Today Variety is reporting that the often delayed horror remake is set to start production in late-summer. [...]

Gil Kenan to Direct “Poltergeist” Remake

Yes, the Poltergeist remake is still very much alive.  Though maybe now we have a little bit less to worry about as Deadline is reporting that Monster House director Gil Kenan is being tapped by MGM to helm the remake. Along with Monster House, Gil has also directed the severely underrated City of Ember and is working on A Giant with The Henson Company. This new take [...]

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