Resolution (2013)

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Resolution (2013)
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Resolution (2013)
Release Date: Tue, Oct 08 2013
Release: DVD Release
Directed By: ,

Starring: ,

Michael (Peter Cilella) is committed to getting his best friend Chris (Vinny Curran) to sober up and get his life back on track.

But what begins as an attempt to save his friend’s life quickly takes an unexpected turn as the two friends confront personal demons, the consequences of past actions, and forces beyond their control.

Expertly balancing dark humor with genuine thrills and unexpected pathos, Resolution is an utterly unique cinematic experience that defies genre classification.”

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Ambiguity abounds in Justin Benson and Aaron Moorehead’s Resolution. This low-budget drama horror leaves you with questions you may never have an answer to. I belong to the camp that believes this to be a good thing. This article may dive into the spoiler zone, but how much can you give away about a film [...]

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Two Official Clips from Resolution

Here is one film that has been receiving excellent reviews and feed back from its festival run and with the film now available on VOD and in limited theatres, I’d like to hear what you guys think of it? If you still need a little persuading, head on down below for two official clips. Synopsis: “Michael [...]

Official Theatrical Poster for Resolution

Justin Benson’s Resolution is one film that has been receiving a ton of good word from its festival run, and soon you guys will be able to see if this one is worth all the hype as the film hits VOD this January 23rd via Tribeca Film, which is closely followed by a limited theatrical [...]

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