Sisters (2014)

Sisters (2014)
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Sisters (2014)
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Sisters is the story of Gwen, Selene, Ana and Skye. They are four sisters, sharing a house together and also happen to be witches.

Gwen is dating Ray, an abusive, alcoholic jerk. One night Ray goes too far in his abuse and Gwen accidentally kills him. The sisters bury Ray’s body in the woods, hoping to put an end to his torment.

Some time later, a detective comes around asking questions about Ray’s disappearance. Fearful of going to jail, the sisters do the one thing they can think of: bring Ray back from the dead.

As is typical when one messes with necromancy, the girls discover that while they brought Ray back, he’s not quite himself. It seems he’s returned with a few extra abilities, and is looking to use them on the ones who buried him…

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