Terminator: Genesis (2015)

Terminator: Genesis (2015)
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Terminator: Genesis (2015)
Release Date: Wed, Jul 01 2015
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The plot for Terminator 5 is very much under wraps at this point.

The Latest Terminator: Genesis (2015) News

Terminator: Genisys Sequels Already Have Release Dates

No matter how many times I see or type that title, Terminator: Genisys, still brings my blood to a boil. But, I’m sure once I see the film and it turns out to be awesome, all will be forgiven. So, with the film already wrapped, it appears as if the sequels, which have been tentatively [...]

Terminator Title Changed to ‘Terminator: Genisys’

What’s in a name? The title for the next “Terminator” movie is a little goofy, but let’s be honest, I don’t care what the movie is called. I just want to see the “Terminator” movies be good again.  They could’ve called this “Terminator and the Squeaky Lug Nut” for all I care, just give me a good [...]

Terminator Genesis Morphs Into ‘The Terminator’

The new Terminator movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger ( seriously try spelling that right without spell check ) has made an about-face on its name according to BleedingCool. The film which was initially called Terminator and renamed to Terminator Genesis has a brand new name…. ‘The Terminator. Frankly this name is more fitting given the expected [...]

James Cameron Reveals His Involvement In Terminator 5

Terminator is one of the greatest sci-fi horror films of all time and James Cameron is one of the most iconic names in the business. Unfortunately for him he does not own the rights to the Terminator Franchise and we have seen that franchise slowly degrade over time. Although Terminator Salvation was a step up [...]

Matt Smith Confirmed for Major Role in New Terminator Film

Who would of thought it, eh? Doctor Who going toe-to-toe with The Terminator. I’m surprised no-one has done this yet, or maybe they have? In any event, the latest Terminator film, tentatively titled Terminator: Genesis has scored Matt Smith in an undisclosed major role. Read on for the details. From the Press Release: Paramount Pictures [...]

First Behind-the-Scenes Photos from Terminator: Genesis

True to his word, Arnold Schwarzenegger is back once again as The Terminator as production on the franchise’s fifth film, Terminator: Genesis, officially gets underway. With that, we have just scored our first look at some production photos courtesy of The Arnold Fans’ Twitter page. Check them all out below. Terminator: Genesis is being directed [...]

Terminator: Genesis Casts Three More

And another week brings even more casting for Alan Taylor’s Terminator: Genesis as we have just received word that three more are set to do battle with the machines in the latest film. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Byung-hun Lee (G.I. Joe), Michael Gladis (“Mad Men”) and Sandrine Holt (“House of Cards”) will all be joing the [...]

Dayo Okeniyi Cast in Terminator: Genesis – Plus Plans for a New Trilogy

And Alan Taylor’s Terminator: Genesis continues to cast up as we have just received word regarding the final piece of the puzzle. Recently John Boyega (Attack the Block) was on the shortlist to star in the film as Danny Dyson, Miles Dyson’s son, but it appears he is out and Dayo Okeniyi (pictured right; The [...]

John Boyega to Star in Terminator: Genesis?

Alan Taylor’s Terminator: Genesis is certainly gaining some heavy momentum. The film will consist of many characters returning while bringing in some new ones and today we have received word of some more potential casting news. The Hollywood Reporter’s Bory’s Kit, recently announced the following on Twitter; John Boyega (Attack the Block) tested for #StarWars [...]

Arnold Reveals Plot Details for Terminator: Genesis

We know that a new “Terminator” film is in our future, but plot details surrounding the film have largely been kept shrouded in mystery.  We know certain characters will appear in the film, but how and in what way?  For instance, Arnold Schwarzenegger is back, but how can he play a Terminator when he’s lost [...]

Terminator: Genesis to have a Terminator 2 Vibe?

We all know that Terminator: Genesis is now on the horizon. The director has been attached as well as most of the cast and we even have a locked in release date. With that, we have also heard a slew of rumors as to where the new film will take place and now Arnold Schwarzenegger [...]

Terminator: Genesis to be a “Fresh Reboot”

As we all know, a new Terminator movie is on the way, and it has been confirmed that it will indeed be titled Terminator: Genesis, thanks to our friends over at MovieHole. So, where will the new Terminator movie take place? Will it be a reboot? Well, head on down below as we have a [...]

Jai Courtney Will Play Kyle Reese in New Terminator Film

It looks like the “Terminator” reboot has found its main cast.  Last year we learned that Jason Clarke had signed on to the project to play John Connor and that Emilia Clarke would play Sarah Connor.  Even Arnold Schwarzenegger had agreed to return to his iconic role.  There was just one question left: would Kyle Reese [...]

Terminator Genesis Begins Filming. Is The Rock Joining Them?

Annapurna Pictures new Terminator movie ‘Terminator Genesis’ is finally getting ready to begin filming and this is good news for fans of the billion dollar franchise. The production team are heading to New Orleans and will begin shooting on April 21st according to a tweet by Production Weekly. Alan Taylor who most recently directed the [...]

Actors Line Up to Play Kyle Reese in Terminator: Genesis

Paramount, Skydance and Annapurna’s Terminator: Genesis is said to begin filming in the coming months, but with filming looming ever closer, we are still in the dark regarding who will play Kyle Reese. However, we may just have our first glimpse at who could possibly land the role. According to Variety, Boyd Holbrook, Tom Cocquerel, Wilson [...]

Emilia Clarke to Play Sarah Connor in Terminator: Genesis

The next installment in the Terminator franchise, appears to be moving one step closer with each passing day. At this time we will just  be going by the title Terminator: Genesis, until it is either confirmed or changed entirely. So, with that, we have just received some major casting news for the latest installment. According [...]

Jason Clarke in Talks for Terminator 5

Apparently if you were in “Zero Dark Thirty”, then you were destined to be mentioned on this site a whole bunch of times.  There’s Chris Pratt who is up for a role in “Jurassic World”, Frank Grillo who is in “The Purge 2″, and Jason Clarke who has a prominent role in the new “Planet [...]

Hacker Unleashes Real Life Skynet Hijacks Drones!

Those of us old enough to have seen the original Terminator in theaters remember the true terror of SKYNET as the machines we designed to protect us rose up to destroy civilization. You would think that James Cameron’s masterpiece on the price of smart machines of war would have taught us something but true to [...]

Terminator 5 to be Titled Terminator: Genesis?

All of a sudden, The Terminator is everywhere once again. We recently reported that a new Terminator TV show is on the horizon from the same folks behind the latest film, which is also set to be written by Zack Stentz and Ashley Miller. But, as for the forthcoming film, just what will it be titled [...]

Terminator 5 : Tom Hardy As John Connor, More Plot Details

This last week it has been a busy time at the rumor mill as some serious casting and plot details explode over Terminator 5. Today is no different as some brand new John Connor casting surfaces that should please everyone. I have long been a fan of the Terminator films and I have waited for [...]

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