The ABC’s Of Death [ Limited ]

The ABC’s Of Death [ Limited ]
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The ABC’s Of Death [ Limited ]
Release Date: Fri, Nov 02 2012
Directed By:


Established directors and some of the most gifted emerging directors will make up the diverse roster of creative talent that will showcase twenty-six tales of mortality, beginning with the letter A and ending with the letter Z.

This will be a celebration of death in all its forms. From the shocking and exotic through to the banal and droll. The spectrum of cause will run from the accidental through to murder most foul. It is up to each director to interpret the letter (word) they are assigned.

They have 6 months, 6 weeks and 6 days to finish their short tale on death.

The Latest The ABC’s Of Death [ Limited ] News

The ABC’s of Death Children’s Book Is Here

Have you ever wanted to read your child a dark and disturbing bedtime story? Neither have I, but if you want you could pick up this “Adult” Children’s book and run it by the wife. It has a very limited print run of only 666 copies so if you want to give this one a [...]

Official UK Release Date & NSFW Trailer for The ABC’s of Death

I’ve heard a lot of negative responses to The ABC’s of Death, but I’m sure some of you guys like this one, right? Either way, I’m still super pumped, and if like me you live in the UK, you’ll be very pleased to know that the film has scored a release date. Monster Pictures have [...]

Official Featurette for The ABC’s of Death

I’m a little bummed out. It appears as if The ABC’s of Death isn’t as awesome as once thought. I’m utterly gutted, this is one of my most anticipated film of the year, but if its anything like a lot of your comments are suggesting, perhaps I should give it a miss. Still, we all [...]

Brand New Clip from The ABC’s of Death

For those folks who live in the U.S. you can now catch The ABC’s of Death on various VOD platforms, for those of you else where, you will have to wait in anticipation. So, if you’re yet to see this one, we have a brand new clip for you, head on down below and give [...]

Two New Photos from The ABC’s of Death

Currently available on VOD right now is the anthology flick The ABC’s of Death, and with that we have scored two more photos from the film courtesy of Dread Central, so check them out below, and then go check out the film, go! THE ABCs OF DEATH is available now on VOD and in theaters [...]

Three New Photos from The ABC’s of Death

I am so freakin’ stoked for The ABC’s of Death! However, luckily for you guys in the States, you get to witness this one on VOD this Thursday, January 31st! Make sure you check this one out, I have a feeling that this one will be absolutely killer. So to get you guys in the [...]

Four New Photos from The ABC’s of Death

With all the films being released this year, I have to say that the upcoming horror anthology, The ABC’s of Death, is at the very top of my most wanted list. Just the thought of hving all these world renowned directors attached has me salivating. With the Toronto International Film Festival on the horizon, we [...]

The Official One-Sheet For The ABC’s of Death

Who here is excited for what could be the ultimate anthology flick, The ABC’s of Death? I know I’m pretty buzzing about the whole prospect and courtesy of Entertainment Weekly we have the official poster, check it out below. Synopsis: “Twenty-five directors are being invited to participate from all corners of the world. The 26th [...]

Xavier Gens Reveals ABC’s of Death Photo

It has begun. The first image from Magnet Releasing and Drafthouse FilmsThe ABC’s of Death has arrived and it so happens to be from Xavier Gens (The Divide, Frontiers) segment in the movie, check it out below courtesy of B-D via Xavier Gens. The film features 26 short films helmed by 26 different directors assigned [...]

25 Directors Names For The ABC’s Of Death

The epic anthology that is The ABC’s of Death has it’s full list of directors attached and we have the list. Drafthouse Films, Magnet Pictures and Timpson Films have reamed together, to bring this idea to life and all the directors involved will each film a segment from the letter they have been assigned from [...]

ABC’s of Death Adds More Directors

The ABC’s of Death is looking to be the biggest horror anthology of all time, but saying that will it be too much? As more often than not, less is more. I guess we shall see. It looks as if a few more directors have joined up too unleash their segment, according to the guys [...]

26 Horror Directors Set for ‘The ABCs of Death’

This just has epic written all over it, here we have an upcoming horror anthology which consist’s of 25 horror directors plus one contest winner. Each director will be directing there own segment, so that’s twenty freaking six! To make this project happen, Alamo Drafthouse, Timson Films and Magnet Releasing will be working together to [...]

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