The Dirties (2013)

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The Dirties (2013)
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The Dirties (2013)
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The film centers around Matt and Owen (Matt Johnson & Owen Williams), two high school students on the fringes of their insular school society trying to make it through their days with as little trouble as possible.

They come across as intelligent, creative and sensitive young men which becomes an issue of empathy on the part of the viewer as you see the kind of abuse they endure as the film progresses.

‘The Dirties’ are a group of popular/jock/jerk kids in their school who make it, on a fairly regular basis, their job to make Matt and Owen’s lives tough. Everything from physical violence in the halls to embarrassing shaming in class and at lunch – Owen and Matt endure the full spectrum of youthful cruelty.

The Dirties is the story of two best friends filming a comedy about getting revenge on the bullies at their high school. One of them isn’t joking.

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Whatever you think about him one way or the other, Kevin Smith definitely hit the nail right on the head when he got involved on the promotion/producing end with Matthew Johnson’s The Dirties. Don’t think a damned thing about Smith heading into seeing this film, just be glad he had the good sense to get [...]

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