The Nun

The Nun
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The Nun
Release Date: Fri, Sep 07 2018
Release: Theatrical Release
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When a young nun at a cloistered abbey in Romania takes her own life, a priest with a haunted past and a novitiate on the threshold of her final vows are sent by the Vatican to investigate. Together they uncover the order’s unholy secret. Risking not only their lives but their faith and their very souls, they confront a malevolent force in the form of the same demonic nun that first terrorized audiences in “The Conjuring 2,” as the abbey becomes a horrific battleground between the living and the damned.

The Latest The Nun News

Eyes Are On You in New ‘The Nun’ Poster

Pray The Nun doesn’t find you as this sucker has eyes that could pierce the soul. With the release date set for September 7th this year, we have for you a brand new poster for the upcoming film that you can find below. Are you looking forward to this spin-off to The Conjuring? Let us [...]

‘The Nun’ Trailer Reveals the Darkest Chapter of the ‘Conjuring’ Universe

It’s a pretty big claim, but Warner Bros has dropped the first trailer for “The Nun” and it claims to be the darkest part chapter in the “Conjuring” universe so far.  I don’t know, did they see the first “Annabelle”? That was pretty dark and dire. “The Nun” examines the origins of the creepy Nun [...]

The Nun Appears in the First Teaser Image from the ‘Conjuring’ Spinoff ‘The Nun’

“The Conjuring” universe is getting a little bigger this year as the terrifying Nun from “Conjuring 2” gets her own feature film.  While the film doesn’t hit until September 7th, we’ve got our first look at the demonic creature.  You know, just in case you forgot what she looked like. The teaser image, which you [...]

‘The Nun’ and ‘Predator’ Get New Release Dates

Release dates used to mean something, you know?  Before you’d get a date and it’d be set in stone. Now you have movies coming out the day they’re announced.  It seems that the only thing that’s certain, when it comes to release dates, is that they’re bound to change. Take, for example, these two high [...]

‘Conjuring’ Spin-Off ‘The Nun’ Will Hit Theaters in 2018

Shortly after the release of “The Conjuring 2” we learned that the monstrous Nun featured in the film would be getting her own spin-off film.  Now we know when it’ll be coming. Warner Bros has announced that “The Nun” will be slinking her into theaters on July 13, 2018.  Add that to the fact that [...]

The Nun from ‘The Conjuring 2’ Will Get Her Own Spinoff Movie

It looks like New Line will be turning “Conjuring” spinoff films into a grand tradition.  After a blockbuster weekend in which the horror sequel raked in $100 million worldwide, New Line has announced that they will be expanding the “Conjuring” universe even further with another spinoff. The Hollywood Reporter has learned that New Line is taking the [...]

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