The Quarantine Hauntings

The Quarantine Hauntings
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The Quarantine Hauntings
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A disgruntled 17 yr old Jasmine is left to care of her younger brother Zac and his best friend Blake when their mother’s Sandy and Katherine decide to take a week long cruise around New Zealand.

Jasmine soon discovers however, that the boys have gone missing while she’s been busy chatting to her best friend. Unable to get in contact with her mum, she desperately calls her Uncle Johnny to help.

Through Zac’s Facebook post they realize that the boys have gone to ‘the Quarantine Station’ a deserted hospital quarters that has documented incidences of hauntings and paranormal activity. Johnny and his friends set off to find Zac and Blake with the idea that retrieving the boys would be a quick and simple task, yet upon entering the Quarantine Station the group embark on a terrifying quest against paranormal forces that they once doubted had even existed. Will they manage to save the boys or will it be their own lives that they fail to save?

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