The Recall (2016)

The Recall (2016)
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The Recall (2016)
Release Date: Sun, Dec 20 2020
Release: In Development
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Charlie turns on the TV to find emergency news reports of thousands of unnatural cloudlike clusters hovering over the earth – and is terrified to discover that one hovers directly over the house he is sharing with his friends for the weekend.

That night he is awoken by beams of bright light shooting down from the sky. The friends are thrust into a waking nightmare as creatures invade the house, picking them off one-by-one and whisking them away to the mothership.

Charlie and Annie manage to escape the onslaught with the help of a mysterious local hunter (Wesley Snipes), who seems to know more about the extraterrestrials than he should. He claims this day has been planned for centuries, and that the visitors have actually been guiding mankind’s evolution from the very beginning…and now they’ve come back to claim what’s theirs!

The Latest The Recall (2016) News

Official UK Trailer for Wesley Snipes’ ‘Final Recall’

With Mauro Borelli’s latest flick The Recall, now available on various VOD platforms in the States, it appears as if the film is making its way across the pond with a slightly different title. The film in the UK is titled Final Recall, and we have the official UK trailer and artwork for you to check [...]

Official Trailer & Clip for Wesley Snipes’ UFO Film ‘The Recall’

A little while back we received word that Wesley Snipes would be starring in Mauro Borelli’s sci-fi flick The Recall, and we had a piece of teaser artwork ,too. But that was about it. Today however, Dread Central have scored an exclusive clip as well as revealing that the film has hit Barco Escape theatres as of yesterday! [...]

Wesley Snipes Battles Aliens in ‘The Recall’

While we wait ever patiently for more Blade, it appears as if Wesley Snipes has his sights set on doing battle with creatures from another planet in Mauro Borelli’s The Recall, and we have some early details and temporary art for you guys to check out below. Synopsis: Charlie turns on the TV to find emergency news [...]

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