The Seasoning House (2013)

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The Seasoning House (2013)
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The Seasoning House (2013)
Release Date: Tue, Dec 10 2013
Release: DVD Release
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Set in the war-torn Balkans, The Seasoning House is a grim and soulless place where young girls are bought and sold for men’s pleasure. Here we meet Angel (ROSIE DAY), a young, mute, orphaned girl enslaved by Viktor (KEVIN HOWARTH).

Unbeknownst to her master, she moves between the walls and crawlspaces of the house – silently observing, learning and planning for her escape. When her closest confidant is savagely killed, Angel can no longer contain her rage and sets out through both ingenuity and brutality to seek justice.

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The Seasoning House Movie Review

Sometimes horror is full of monsters, zombies and vampires. The fact that these things are paranormal and come from a place that isn’t a part of a natural world, is what makes them scary. But sometimes a horror film doesn’t have anything paranormal, and the monsters are human. “The Seasoning House” is a deeply disturbing [...]

Sales Poster for The Seasoning House

I for one cannot wait to finally witness Paul Hyett’s The Seasoning House, this one sounds as if it has some serious potential, I just need to find the time to actually check it out. And while you guys wait for a U.S. release date, we have scored a sales poster for the film thanks to [...]

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Official Trailer for The Seasoning House

While no date has actually been confirmed, Kaleidoscope will be releasing Paul Hyett’s The Seasoning House in the UK sometime in 2013 for a theatrical and home video release. So while we wait for more details regarding the release, the official trailer has made its way online and we have that sucker below. Synopsis: “Written and [...]

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