The Toolbox Murders 3

The Toolbox Murders 3
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The Toolbox Murders 3
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The city at night. Home to murderers, rapists, pushers, and thugs. A broken system that releases them as fast as the police can lock them up. Out of the darkness, a new threat emerges, born of violence, charged with vengeance, armed with tools, they hand out justice with extreme prejudice.

Judge. Jury. Executioner.

A recent wave of violent, vigilante murders has rocked the Philadelphia underworld. Rumors abound of a gang of faceless, hooded killers who use tools to dole out justice become the thing of legend in the streets, and polarize the public on either side of the issue. Torn between his duty and his frustration with a broken system that releases criminals as soon the police can lock them up, it’s up to Detective Jake Marcum and his partner Redd Simmons to solve the case before the city erupts into violence. What they find threatens to bring down the very system that they’re sworn to serve.

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The Toolbox Murders 3 Looks to Crowdfunding

I loved Dennis Donnelly’s original Toolbox Box Murders, but I also enjoyed the remake which was  directed by Tobe Hooper, some didn’t care for it, but I thought it was a lot of fun. So, how about the sequel, Toolbox Murders 2? Well, that was released yesterday, August 4th, on Blu-ray and DVD, and now [...]

The Toolbox Murders 3: Poster and Filming Underway

The saga continues in Toolbox Murders 3 as filming should be underway soon and the production completed by 2015.  Here is the fantastic poster and what we know so far, provided by TriCoast Worldwide: This next installment of the mega successful Tool Box Murders franchise is currently in pre-pro casting for major movie stars and featuring [...]

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