Under The Bed (2013)

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Under The Bed (2013)
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Under The Bed (2013)
Release Date: Fri, Jul 19 2013
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“Every child knows about the monster under the bed—Neal Hausman’s mistake was trying to fight it. Neal (Jonny Weston) has returned from a two-year exile following his tragic attempt to defeat the monster, only to find his father ticking ever closer to a breakdown, a new stepmother who fears him, and his little brother, Paul (Gattlin Griffith), terrorized by the same monster.

While Neal and Paul work together to try to fight the nocturnal menace, their parents are taking desperate measures to get the family back to normal. With no support from their parents, the brothers have nothing to rely on but each other and courage beyond belief.”

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Under The Bed Movie Review

Wow! You know, sometimes the Redbox giveth, sometimes it taketh your dollar. It’s always a crap-shoot. But here we have a great film, that is imperfect, with a slow build-up to a gory end. While not perfect, it’s entertaining and harkens back to another generation of monster movies. The movie starts with older brother, Neal [...]

New Clip from Under the Bed

Check out this new clip from Steven C. Miller’s Under the Bed. The movie was filmed back in 2012 and made it’s debut premiere at Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal.  Miller’s second distributed horror flick, the first being the Christmas slasher remake Silent Night, received positive buzz at Fantasia with JoBlo.com calling it “…an all [...]

Steven Millers Under The Bed Release Date

Steven Miller is a one man marketing machine as he tries to spread word for his upcoming film Under The Bed. What I like most about Under the Bed is it reminds me of classic 80’s monster movies like Monster Squad which is why I am excited to see how the final product looks. We have [...]

New Official Trailer for Under the Bed

Not so long ago we ushered in the first International trailer for Steven C. Miller’s Under the Bed, which gave us our first look at what to expect. Now, skip forward a couple of months, we have scored the official U.S. trailer for the film and it still looks badass, or at least I think it [...]

10 New Masters of Horror

On Facebook, I asked our community members ( counted in the hundreds of thousands ) who they consider a new Master of Horror in preparation for this editorial. Many directors claim to be “Masters of Horror” but let’s be honest: it’s not a title they can bestow on themselves. It is one that only we as fans [...]

Official Trailer for Under the Bed

Several days ago we debuted the official poster for Steven C. Miller’s latest flick, Under the Bed, and from what I’ve seen so far I’m more than willing to check this sucker out, I’m all for a creature feature! Head on down below and give the trailer a whirl, let us know what you think? [...]

Under The Bed Movie Review

If you’re looking for a movie that reminds you of your childhood fears, “Under the Bed” is the movie for you, making its world premiere at this summer’s Montreal Fantasia International Film Festival. Two years ago, Neal made a huge mistake in an attempt to rid his home of the demons it contained that only [...]

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