Underworld: Blood Wars

Underworld: Blood Wars
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Underworld: Blood Wars
Release Date: Fri, Oct 14 2016
Release: Theatrical Release
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No official plot has been given at this time.

The Latest Underworld: Blood Wars News

‘Underworld’ Starts Some ‘Blood Wars’

You knew there was a new Underworld film on the horizon, but we just didn’t know the exact title of the latest installment. However, that all changed recently. Over the past year, their official Facebook page turned to their fans to ask them for suggestions for the new movie, and well, a name has been chosen. [...]

Kate Beckinsale Will Be Back for ‘Underworld 5’

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve read conflicting reports regarding Kate Beckinsale’s involvement in the next “Underworld” film. Hopefully this is the last time we have to see whether or not she’ll be putting on the leather duds. THR has learned that Kate Beckinsale is indeed returning for “Underworld 5” and that the [...]

Two New Underworld Films and a TV Show – Plus is Kate Beckinsale Returning?

Talk about the mother-load or what?! With this past weekend’s New York Comic-Con, some interesting news has made its way out from the event, news that I’m sure you Underworld fans will go absolutely crazy for and there is a whole bunch of things happening. Over the weekend, IGN caught up with Len Wiseman at NYCC, [...]

Theo James to Play Main Character in New Underworld

This might surprise some of you, and it also might not, but “Underworld” tends to be one of the more popular films on the site.  As I write this, there are new comments popping up on this article we wrote several months ago.   People love to talk about “Underworld” and the fans have some pretty [...]

‘Underworld’ Reboot Moves Forward with Writer

It seems like we’ve been talking about a new “Underworld” film for some time now.  And in all the reports we’ve heard, it appeared that the “Underworld” franchise was moving in a new direction.  And now we know what that exactly means. The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Lakeshore Entertainment is looking to reboot the [...]

Underworld 5: New Generation, No Kate Beckinsale? No Thanks!

Underworld 5 has a spiffy new name and if the name tells us anything it seems they may have passed on including the move pivotal character in the series, Selene. A few days ago Chris told you all that rumors are circulating that the new Underworld 5 film is ready to move ahead ( via [...]

The Fifth Underworld Film Looks to the ‘Next Generation’

What’s that I hear? You guys want more Underworld? Well my friends, ask and you shall receive! That’s right, a fifth Underworld film is apparently on the horizon as our good friends over at B-D have just broke the news. According to the site, the fifth installment in the franchise is set to be titled [...]

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  1. zoey June 9, 2014 at 6:41 pm

    I’m a fan of underworld, can’t wait for the next movie.

  2. Alesha June 23, 2014 at 7:31 pm

    I’m all for adding Eve but without Kate & Scott… I’m Not Interested!! I Want More Sexy Hybrid Speedman Action!!! That’s What I Fell For! Although I Luved UW 4 I was Xtremeley Disappointed in Scott’s Tiny role!!! Give Us What We Want!!! More Michael & Selene!!!!!