The Burning Dead

The Burning Dead
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The Burning Dead
Release Date: Tue, Apr 07 2015
Release: DVD Release, VOD
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A sheriff must help an estranged family evacuate before a volcano erupts, at the same time fighting off a horde of lava-filled zombies brought to life by the cursed mountain.

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Danny Trejo’s The Burning Dead Hits DVD This April

Do you guys remember a little flick that was on the horizon entitled Volcano Zombies? Well, this is that flick, it’s just be renamed The Burning Dead, and we have all the details in regards to when you guys can catch this one on DVD as well as digital platforms. Make your way below and [...]

First Official Trailer for Volcano Zombies!

Well, I’ll be damned. What’s worse than an erupting volcano? A volcano that is erupting with lava-filled freakin’ zombies! I mean, what the hell! Is anywhere safe anymore? However, fear not, all is not lost as we have the one and only Danny Trejo on hand to fight off the zombie horde. Head on down [...]

Danny Trejo Battles Against Volcano Zombies!

I have to admit, I never thought of a volcano zombie, so hats off to Jeff Miller, Jason Ancona, and Rene Perez, as that is what they are bringing to life. But who could battle such ferocious beasts? Well, Danny Trejo of course! The man is a total legend, with or without a machete, so head [...]

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