We Go On

We Go On
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We Go On
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Determined to overcome his life-long fear of death, Miles Grissom purchases an ad in The Times offering $30,000 to anyone who can provide proof that the afterlife exists. Miles’ protective mother, Charlotte, joins him on his quest as he filters through thousands of responses and finds three viable candidates: a science professor, a local medium working in a Mexican Restaurant, and a worldly entrepreneur. Miles and Charlotte’s complex relationship, mysterious family history, and shared compulsion to probe life’s dark edges propel them into a life-threatening nightmare.

After confronting fakers and con-artists, Miles comes face to face with the proof he was looking for. But his joyride to the other side turns hellish as he discovers the hard way that ghosts, once found, aren’t easily lost.

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[Trailer] ‘We Go On’ Explores Life After Death

Did you guys dig Andy Mitton and Jesse Holland’s YellowBrickRoad? Well, the duo is back, and this time they’re looking to prove that there is an afterlife in their latest flick We Go On. But, sometimes if you dig too far, you may not like what you find. So, are you guys ready to delve deeper? [...]

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