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Release Date: Thu, Jun 25 2015
Release: VOD
Directed By:
Genre: ,
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Trouble lurks when a group of friends enter the restricted grounds of a condemned Oil Plant, eager to exploit its secluded river creek for a night of partying.

Amidst an evening haze of heartache and chaos, we focus on Reece (Shane O’Meara), a shy and introverted nineteen-year-old, whose eventful weekend takes a sickening turn when those around him fall victim to a grossly disfiguring infection.

Together with childhood sweetheart Charlotte (Lucy-Jane Quinlan), he must join the rapidly deteriorating members on a journey back to civilisation through the woods, unaware of the other presence hunting them down. As their weekend suddenly escalates into a chilling race for survival, the dangers of their trespassing finally begin to surface, untangling a surprising and shocking conspiracy.

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