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No official plot has been revealed at this time.

The Latest Witchula News

Dee Wallace and Tyler Mane Venture into Marcus Bradford’s ‘Witchula’

Marcus Bradford’s upcoming film, Witchula, which has been referred to as the “Real Expendables of horror,” looks to be living up to that hype, as we can announce that horror legend Dee Wallace (Cujo, The Howling, The Hills Have Eyes, Critters) and fan favorite Tyler Mane (Rob Zombie’s Halloween), who is shaping up to be [...]

Kane Hodder Hacks His Way into ‘Witchula’

We’ve been following Marcus Bradford’s latest flick Witchula for quite some time now, and with each passing announcement it just heightens our excitement for this one. I mean, how can you not be excited for a film that is being dubbed as the “Expendables of horror”? So, with that, we can announce that Kane Hodder is [...]

New Official Poster for Marcus Bradford’s ‘Witchula’

We’ve been closely following Marcus Bradford’s latest flick for quite sometime as it sounds is if it has some great potential, as well as the film being pegged as “the real Expendables of horror.” Bold statement? Well, there will be only one way to find out and that’s to keep your eyes on this sucker, [...]

‘Witchula’ Summons International Co-Producers to Bring the Film to Life

It’s been a few months since we last had an update for you in regards to Marcus Bradford’s latest film Witchula, which is being pegged as “The real Expendables of horror,” but in that time they have been extremely busy as they have been putting the final touches together in regards to a co-producing deal between MAB Studios [...]

Marcus Bradford Looks to Fuse Several Sub-Genres for ‘Witchula’

Marcus Bradford has starred in a slew of films, and has recently turned his attention to directing, one of his upcoming flicks that immediately caught our attention is Witchula. A film which is set to fuse several sub-genres together; it features witches, werewolves, vampires and more, but their most interesting creature is the title character [...]

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