World War Z 2

World War Z 2
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World War Z 2
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There is no plot yet revealed for the sequel to the smash hit film based off the works of Max Brooks.

We do know however that Brad Pitt’s production company is working on the sequel and has big plans including a new director. Marc Forster who directed the first film will not be returing for the sequel to World War Z.

They are currently writing the sequel and compiling ideas.  Lets hope this one is a bit closer to the works of Max Brooks.

The Latest World War Z 2 News

David Fincher Might Direct ‘World War Z 2’

The last time David Fincher directed a horror sequel things didn’t go so well for the now renowned director.  However, with a few years of experience under his belt and a lot more clout perhaps things will be different this time around. Variety is reporting that director David Fincher is in talks to possibly direct [...]

World War Z 2 Gets a Release Date

I hope that when they release Brad Pitt’s “World War Z 2” they don’t call it that.  The Z and 2 being close like that is really messing with my eyes. I think the best comment regarding the title that I saw today was someone saying that when they get to the third one they [...]

Brad Pitt Returns for World War Z Sequel

More word has come in on the upcoming sequel to World War Z. On the 29th of May Jason let you all know that Steven Knight has been tapped by Brad Pitt’s production company to flesh out a story for the upcoming sequel to “World War Z.”   Steven Knight will be joining newly appointed director [...]

World War Z Sequel Gets a Writer

Yo, kid, you like news articles about movie sequels and writers? Cause I got them in spades! I’ve got them for the days! Okay, actually, maybe not. This is probably the last one unless something else happens today. Variety has learned that oscar-nominee Steven Knight has been tapped by Brad Pitt’s production company to flesh [...]

New Director Boards World War Z Sequel

Brad Pitt may be up for another round of zombie action, but it looks as if director Marc Foster won’t be returning for the sequel to “World War Z”.  Instead, a new director is taking the helm and it’s someone who has had previous success in the horror genre. THR is reporting that Paramount has [...]

World War Z Sequel Will Have a New Director

Well, it’s pretty much a no brainer. Sequels always tend to have different directors attached so this is no reflection on Marc Forster who directed the first flick, but it will be interesting to see who will helm the next one and will it make nearly as much money? Recently, Brad Pitt spoke to the [...]

A Sequel to World War Z Is Confirmed

How many of you guys went to see World War Z this past weekend? Judging by these numbers it would appear as if many of you did as the film took in $66 million in North America alone. Not just that, but the film has already raked in $111.8 million worldwide, which marks the film [...]

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