World War Z

World War Z
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World War Z
Release Date: Tue, Sep 17 2013
Release: DVD Release
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A U.N. employee is racing against time and fate, as he travels the world trying to stop the outbreak of a deadly Zombie pandemic.

The Latest World War Z News

World War Z Blu Ray Details Announced

Paramount has just released the details for the upcoming release of World War Z on Blu Ray and DVD on September 17th. There is no mention about that “alternate ending” being included on the disc so we may not see it. But I’m sure if fan outcry is loud enough they will reconsider. Check out [...]

World War Z Receives the IMAX Treatment in the US

Just in case you guys wish to witness World War Z one more time in theatres, the powers that be have announced that the film will hit IMAX for the first time ever in the US. For our International friends, the film already hit a few IMAX theatres during its initial run, and now its [...]

New Trailer for World War Z

I for one haven’t read the original novel from which World War Z is based on, so I can’t compare as to how this plays out compared to the source material. But I am some what intrigued, the only down side for me is that the film utilizes CGI zombies, that’s just a no-no for [...]

New Image From World War Z

The upcoming adaptation of Max Brooks’ novel World War Z will be out this summer so we should be expecting to see more and more content. Today a new photo was released from the film featuring Brad Pitt surrounded by the madness presumably when the zombie outbreak begins. Check it out below. As a zombie [...]

First Official Photo from World War Z

So now that you folks have witnessed the trailer for World War Z, what do you make of it? I’ve heard that fans of the novel are pretty much in an uproar regarding the whole adaptation. But, do give you guys an even better look at, well, um… Brad Pitt, we have scored the first [...]

Official Logo for World War Z

Earlier this week we gave you your first look at the upcoming epic zombie flick World War Z, and granted it was only a few seconds, but it gave us something to chew on, so what did you make of it? While we wait a day or two for the full preview, we have scored [...]

Drew Goddard Rewrites New Ending to World War Z

Marc Forster’s World War Z has sure had its share of set backs, the film has had trouble with filming and most recently the script. Today it looks like the script is still being ironed out with more writers being drafted in to put the puzzle together, and to think this was initially scheduled to [...]

Damon Lindelof to Rewrite Troubled World War Z

I was so freaking pumped for World War Z this year, even if it is getting a PG-13 rating, its a zombie movie on epic proportions, but perhaps it is just too epic to come to fruition. Marc Forster’s World War Z has been in trouble for a while now with the film set for [...]

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