5 Disturbing Fathers Day Horror Movies

Herner Klenthur

Its fathers day so happy fathers day to all you readers who are dads. My son yesterday decided for my fathers day gift to go and grab an IRON and plug it into the wall while his mother was not looking… and then grab it. So needless to say my Fathers Day is an interesting one since my son has the iron marks burned into his hands.

That all said since its Fathers Day I wanted to take a look at 5 Fathers Day Horror Movies that you can watch tonight and get yourself in the mood for a horrific horror time! So in no particular order here are 5 horror movies that involve killer or creepy dads for Fathers Day!

Storm Warning: Storm Warning is a great film and one I am not sure how many of you have actually gone and seen. It tells the story of a couple who go out in a small boat and end up on an island after a storm. The island has what appears to be a drug dealing family on it… but they are far more than that. They are deranged killers who may peddle in drugs but would rather do sadistic things to those who visit their home. The film is quite disturbing at points and the father and head of this evil gang is as evil as they come.

storm warning

Frailty: Easily one of the best psychological thrillers ever made the film is both creepy and thought-provoking. The FBI must track down a Texas serial killer who goes by the self-given nickname God’s Hands; Matthew McConaughey plays Fenton Meeks, a man who realizes through a series of disturbing flashbacks about his childhood that it might be his brother whom the FBI is tracking. The film also stars Bill Paxton and is as noted truly a creepy tale of religion, serial killings and a darker meaning to ‘raising the kids’.


The StepFather: I never had any step parents but I was adopted into a crazy family. So I can somewhat relate. The Stepfather tells the tale of a dad we all hope and pray we never have. Scary Jerry as he is known marries a beautiful woman and becomes step dad to her daughter.

His definition of the perfect family does not match up with what the kid thinks should be a perfect family. Fortunately he is willing to kill for the American Dream. This movie as you all know is being remade and the trailer for the remake was just released.


The Shining: Back in the day before I had a full-time job and a website about horror to run I had time to read books. The Shining is still one of my favorites and the film adaptation starring Jack Nicholson was equally scary. A dad takes his family to a closed resort to ‘get things together’ and all hell breaks loose as daddy dearest loses his marbles and decides to kill his wife and son.

The Shining Jack Nicholson

The People Under the Stairs: This movie has made a lot of my lists and is a film you should all have seen by now. It could also make its way onto a Mothers Day or Fathers Day list since it has an evil mother and an evil father. Tells the story of a land lord kicking a bunch of kids out of their homes who decide to track down the landlord only to find their worst nightmares. Involves creepy kids living under the stairs, a daughter who is sweet and innocent and of course a psycho mother and father. Entertaining and light-hearted its classic 80’s horror well worth watching.


Frontieres: This film was part of the After Dark HorrorFest and is one of the few truly good films to come out of that horror film series. It tells the story of a group of tough bank robbers who flee to the countryside only to find themselves falling victim to a group of cannibal Nazis. Daddy Dearest in this case is the head of a cannibal family who are violent, sadistic and clearly deranged. The film is dark, disturbing and will make you never want to visit the French countryside


That is just 5 but clearly we could list alot more. So what spooky fathers day tales are your favs? And will you be watching them with dad?


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      1. airbourne47 June 16, 2014 at 6:40 am

        There’s six films there, not five, just thought I’d point that out

      2. Bill June 17, 2014 at 4:43 am

        I thought of Mum & Dad right off the bat.