New Kids Turbo Review

Simon Rother

In 2010, an absolutely crazy movie coming from the Netherlands was produced. It was presented at this year’s Montreal Fantasia International Film Festival. Its title is “New Kids Turbo” and it will rock your socks off.
Richard, Rikkert, Gerrie, Robbie and Barrie are 5 mullet-haired dudes living it trashy-style in a little town called Maaskantje. When they are one-by-one fired from their jobs, the five guys decide that they are not going to pay for anything, anymore. The rest of the town follows their example, creating absolute chaos.

Based on their TV show, “New Kids Turbo” is their first movie created. Their second movie, “New Kids Nitro”, was also presented at this summer’s Fantasia Festival, but it will be described in a later review. “Turbo” is an absolutely hilarity-fest… if you like simple, absurd, vulgar, and politically incorrect humor. And I do. I hadn’t laughed like this for a while, as this movie allows you to shut your critical mind off and bombards you with jokes that other movies wouldn’t even dare to attempt. Some of the 5 main characters have bigger, more important roles than the others, but they each know their role and play it hilariously.

I couldn’t get enough of the Dutch language (the movie being subtitled in English). It is a language that I hadn’t truly heard for an extended amount of time, but I love it. The actors are great, the jokes are crude and hilarious, the violence is present at unexpected moments, and the entertainment makes you insatiable. I wanted more and didn’t want the movie to end. Thankfully, there was a sequel, and I hope that a third will be made.

“New Kids Turbo” deserves a solid 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Sorry folks for the trailer below; there are no subtitles for when the actors speak, but the movie is subtitled.

4.5 / 5 stars     

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      1. Tristan January 25, 2013 at 12:42 pm

        I’m sorry to tell you that nitro was the last we will ever see of the newkids.
        no more sketches or movies.
        they want’ed to stop before people would become borred with them.