Nurse 3D Movie Review

Chris Egan

Nurse-3D-grindhouseI went into Nurse 3D knowing very little about it other than it being about a killer nurse. I expected a standard slasher flick and happily got way more than that.

Abby Russell is a dedicated nurse, in all aspects of her life. By day she is a well-liked and hard working nurse at a Manhattan hospital, by night she uses her strange, but attractive look to seduce cheating men and then make them pay whatever way she sees fit. It was a nice surprise to have the film focus on a vengeful, psychotic vigilante seductress rather than just a crazy girl who liked killing people.

Paz de la Huerta (Choke) plays Abby with a fierce anger and genuine, dark, insanity that calls back to films like Basic Instinct and Single White Female. Even though she’s a serial killer, you almost can’t help but like her; she has a purpose that is almost respectable. With her sly narration and sick sense of humor she comes off like an anti-hero that you could almost root for, a la Dexter. However, it’s her other side that soon shows us we should not be on her side. She’s vindictive and as soon as she decides she can’t trust someone in her life they become a target.

New nurse Danni, played by Katrina Bowden (Tucker & Dale vs. Evil), soon discovers that becoming friends with Abby may not have been the best choice and quickly gets swept up in the destructive whirlwind that is Abby’s wrath with, seemingly, no escape. With sub-plots involving a pervy therapist, a douche bag surgeon and annoying, bubbly human resources employee, there are some great moments of horror-humor that are done well in a funny, B-movie way. There’s also a decent, though fairly predictable, mystery involving Abby’s past.

Neatly weaving its way through the slasher, thriller and grindhouse styles this movie should hit all the right notes with fans of each genre. Mostly based in reality, but there are moments that seem a little out there, a little convenient, in way of storytelling. This isn’t criticism, but rather fondness. I loved the “pulp” vibe given off by this movie. From the narration that, at times, reminded me very much of Uma Thurman’s in Kill Bill to a shooting style and color palette that Robert Rodriguez could have used for Planet Terror; everything worked in unison to create and enjoyable and varied horror experience while still feeling familiar and comfortable. The score ranged from suspenseful and creepy to zany and upbeat and went well with the film’s overall design.

Nurse has some kick ass special effects in the way of gore. Unfortunately anything that was thrown at the camera to fill out their “stuff thrown at the screen for the 3D effect” quota was mostly poor CGI and having it right in your face made it clear that they didn’t have a high digital budget. That is pretty much my only real complaint about the film, so in scheme of things that’s not much to worry about. The 3D part of the film isn’t exactly a necessity. It had some cool moments, but in the end it works just as well in the 2D format; which is definitely a bonus. A horror movie that focuses more on the ridiculous 3D moments than the scares has failed before it’s even filmed and thankfully Nurse has a solid plot.

Nurse 3D’s supporting cast is just as wacky as the plot and soundtrack and I got excited just from the opening credits. Rounded out by Judd Nelson (The Breakfast Club), Niecy Nash (Reno 911), Martin Donovan (Weeds) and Corbin Bleu (High School Musical), the cast itself is almost like an inside joke for movie buffs looking for an insane mix of character actors, but all do their job in the parts given.

Even with some minor faults here and there, this is an awesome and fun horror/thriller experience for new-comers and fanatics and I highly recommend it. One scene in which Abby is about to go to work on a victim while not wearing panties was highlight, not just just for her figure, but because of the pure insanity of the sequence as a whole.

Nurse 3D was released February 7, 2014 on various VOD services [Be prepared to pay the cost of a movie ticket to rent it.] and in a limited theatrical run.


4 / 5 stars     

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