Vivica A. Fox Joins ‘Independence Day 2′
Written by Jason McDonald, March 24, 2015
If you can’t get Will Smith, you get the next best thing: his stripper wife from the first movie. Roland Emmerich has revealed via his Twitter feed that Vivica A. Fox will be reprising her role of Jasmine Dubrow, the wife of Will Smith’s character in the first film.  With the plot of the new

‘The X-Files’ is Returning to Television With a Six Episode Series
Written by Jason McDonald, March 24, 2015
The truth is still out there and the only people we can count on to give it to us have been MIA for the last seven years.  But thanks to renewed studio interest and the undying support of fans, Mulder and Scully are back in action again. “The X-Files” is returning to television with a

First Teaser Trailer & Poster for Helen Keller vs Nightwolves
Written by Chris Savage, March 24, 2015
Did you guys say you have seen it all? I’m not so sure about that. Let me introduce you to Ross Patterson’s (FDR: American Badass) Helen Keller vs Nightwolves. Yep, Helen Keller might be blind and deaf but that ain’t gonna stop her taking on the Nightwolves which terrorized her town, and with a couple of knives

Anchor Bay Acquires I Spit on Your Grave: Vengeance Is Mine
Written by Chris Savage, March 24, 2015
Many years back we had ourselves a remake of I Spit on Your Grave, and I for one really enjoyed it and proves that not all remakes suck. But did you ever think that such a film would garner a sequel, yet multiple one in fact? Well, it has happened and we kind of have

Short Film ‘Realm’ Is Getting the Big Screen Treatment
Written by Jason McDonald, March 24, 2015
There have been many different takes on the world of exorcisms, but none of them have had the foresight to feature ninja nuns. Deadline has learned that short film “Realm” is getting a big screen adaptation thanks to a recent acquisition by Relativity.  The project is based on a spec script written by Rebecca Sonnenshine which

Jack Huston is Officially Set to Play the Crow
Written by Jason McDonald, March 23, 2015
The road to the “Crow” remake has been filled with it’s share of ups and downs, but it looks like the production may have found it’s footing again as a new name has been attached to the titular role. According to Deadline, Jack Huston is officially set to play the role of the Crow in

Neill Blomkamp and Simon Kinberg to Produce ‘The Leviathan’
Written by Jason McDonald, March 23, 2015
If you haven’t seen the proof-of-concept video for “Leviathan”, you should journey down to the bottom of this page and check it out.  For one, it’s pretty damn cool and, for two, it’s the whole point of this article. Deadline is reporting that Neill Blomkamp (“Chappie”) and Simon Kinberg (“X-Men: Days of Future Past”) are

Glenn Close Joins UK Zombie Thriller ‘She Who Brings Gifts’
Written by Jason McDonald, March 23, 2015
Could this be the most sophisticated and classy zombie production yet? According to Deadline actress Glenn Close has signed on to star in the UK zombie thriller “She Who Brings Gifts.” The film is based on the novel “The Girl with All the Gifts” by writer M.R. Carey who also penned the script for the

[Video] Oddball Trailer for Portuguese Gremlins
Written by Jason McDonald, March 23, 2015
If you’re a fan of “Community”, then you already know where this post is heading.  If not, then you should know that the aforementioned trailer for Portuguese “Gremlins” is not a real thing, but it’s still glorious. Featured in the second episode of the sixth season of “Community”, Portuguese “Gremlins” is a parody trailer for

Rings Is Actually a Sequel to The Ring
Written by Chris Savage, March 23, 2015
Well, guys. It appears as if our friends over at Bloody-Disgusting may have got it a little wrong. A few weeks ago they reported that F. Javier Gutierrez’s Rings will be a prequel that takes place before the 2002 remake of The Ring. However that does not appear to be the case as the director,

Four Horror Movies That Could Be TV Shows
Written by Jason McDonald, March 22, 2015
Right now it seems that the hottest trend around is the continued pursuit of adapting horror movie titles into the latest television sensations.  The newest horror property to be caught in the crosshairs is “Let the Right One In” and, while an excellent film, it just doesn’t strike me as the sort of horror property that is

First TV Spot for Unfriended
Written by Chris Savage, March 21, 2015
From Levan Gabriadze comes Unfriended (formerly known as Cybernatural) and we have scored for you the very first TV spot from the upcoming film. But as per my initial response I’m still not holding out for much with this one, but then again who knows? Anyway, let us know if you will be checking this one

Predator is Coming to Mortal Kombat X
Written by Jason McDonald, March 21, 2015
UPDATE: NetherRealm Studios has gone ahead and released the teaser video for the Predator and have also revealed that Tremor and Tanya will the two klassic kombatants being sold as part of the Kombat Pack.  Check out the teaser below. We’ve also been sent a breakdown of how the DLC will be parsed out.  Interestingly

A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night (2015) review
Written by Flay Otters, March 20, 2015
There is a beautiful dance between the molasses-thick atmosphere and the sweet aching of innocent love in Ana Lily Amirpour’s A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night that is as effortless as it is well thought out. This makes for a stylish and dreamy meander through a story without a real story – a film

Zombeavers Review
Written by Simon Rother, March 20, 2015
If you’re a fan of horror-comedy, “Zombeavers” is definitely a movie for you. Making its international premiere outside of the USA at Montreal’s Fantasia Film Festival is Jordan Rubin’s first big-time flick. When a barrel of toxic waste accidentally bounces out of its truck, the lethal substance contaminates a nearby beaver dam, turning its residents

God of War 3 Remastered Coming to PS4
Written by Jason McDonald, March 20, 2015
Hard to believe that it’s only been ten years, but this year marks the tenth anniversary of the very first “God of War” game on the Playstation 2.  In order to mark the occasion Sony is putting out a special “remastered” version of “God of War 3″ for the PS4. There isn’t too much information

Sharknado 3 Gets a Title and Premiere Date
Written by Jason McDonald, March 19, 2015
Despite being hit by a strike SyFy is attempting to keep things moving forward with “Sharknado 3.” As if to say “everything is okay, we’re all fine here!” The network has released a cheeky new subtitle for the third film along with a brand new release date. For their newest subtitle, the third film is opting

[Video] Relive the First Two Seasons of the Walking Dead in Pixel Form
Written by Jason McDonald, March 19, 2015
Want to rewatch the first two seasons of “The Walking Dead” without having to actually sit through all those episodes? I mean, the first season is fine, but then they get to the farm and … zZzzZZZZzzzzz… OH, sorry, that just happens whenever I start thinking about the farm. But now that’ll be a problem

Dredd 2 Not Happening According to Alex Garland
Written by Jason McDonald, March 19, 2015
I think it’s no secret that we’re big fans of the 2012 film “Dredd.”  It’s one of the few non-horror movies that we actively talk about on the site.  There’s just something about an action film that has the purity and coolness that “Dredd” embodied.  And while the film did terribly at the box office,

New Poltergeist TV Spot Asks ‘What Are You Afraid Of?’
Written by Chris Savage, March 19, 2015
As you guys are very much aware, the remake of Poltergeist is officially on the way and of course it is so easy to hate on. But, I say give the film the benefit of the doubt and check out this new TV spot and let us know if you aren’t just a little bit