Beautiful Poster Artwork for ‘Ayla’ Inside
Written by Chris Savage, May 18, 2015
Last year we gave you guys the first details in regards to Elias’ (Gut) latest flick A (Ayla), and I was definitely intrigued and stoked as the guy is definitely someone who has a true talent, but not only that, the film is set to star Tristan Risk and Nicholas Wilder. So, today we have been

[Horror Short] The Sceptic
Written by Chris Savage, May 18, 2015
As you guys know we absolutely love the indie scene and we do what ever we can to help get the word out, so you guys can find this new talent wherever he or she may lay. Speaking of which, we have found a rising talent in the form of Kev Harte, a UK-based writer

Sony Pictures Books a Flight with Sky Sharks
Written by Chris Savage, May 17, 2015
A couple of days ago we unleashed the first details and concept trailer for Marc Fehse’s Sky Sharks, a film that not only features flying sharks but zombies piloting those beasts of the skies. With that a few of you were skeptical, especially since this one was seeking funding via Kickstarter, but I’m here to assure you that

Check Out the Necronomicon from ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’
Written by Jason McDonald, May 17, 2015
The Necronomicon has finally appeared on the “Ash Vs Evil Dead” set and guess what? It looks like the Necronomicon! Surprise! Still, it’s great to see all the “Evil Dead” elements coming together for a new project.  I don’t know if “Ash vs Evil Dead” will be the “Evil Dead” entry that fans have been

New Gameplay Trailer for LEGO Jurassic World
Written by Jason McDonald, May 17, 2015
The newest gameplay trailer for “LEGO Jurassic World” is incredibly brief, but it shows me the one thing that could make this an instant purchase for me: velociraptors playing with LEGOs. “LEGO Jurassic World” look to take the fun and easily accessible gameplay of previous LEGO games and inject it into the “Jurassic Park” universe.  The

Check out the Red Band Trailer for Let Us Prey
Written by Jason McDonald, May 17, 2015
I must admit that this is the first time I’m hearing about “Let Us Prey”, but the red band trailer they released this week has got my attention. On her first night at a backwater precinct, rookie cop Rachel (Pollyanna McIntosh, The Woman) finds herself surrounded by violent officers and criminals. Her job becomes all

Top Ten Richard Matheson Stories
Written by Gwendolyn Kiste, May 17, 2015
Among people in the literary know, there is little doubt that author Richard Matheson is among the greatest genre writers of all-time. His ever-varied contributions to the worlds of horror, science fiction, and fantasy still resonate, some more than a half century after their initial release. Sadly, Mr. Matheson passed away in 2013, leaving a gaping hole

Something is in the Shadows in New Poltergeist Clip
Written by Chris Savage, May 17, 2015
Just on the off chance that you guys haven’t seen enough footage of the Poltergeist remake already, we have scored yet another clip for you to check out if you wish to do so. This time around something sinister is lurking in the shadows and waiting for the perfect opportunity to show itself, so will

In Defense of Hellraiser: Revelations
Written by Chris Savage, May 16, 2015
Before I get started I just want to point out that I’m not here to tell you that Hellraiser: Revelations is an awesome film because it isn’t, and I’m definitely not here to tell you that it’s the best in the Hellraiser franchise, instead I’m here to tell you that it’s not the worst. And,

Official Trailer for Nina Forever
Written by Chris Savage, May 16, 2015
Have you twisted individuals been following Chris and Ben Blaine’s darkly comedic horror flick Nina Forever? If not, I suggest you get on this morbid train, stat, as the official trailer has just hit courtesy of Epic Pictures Group, and you can check out the goods below. The film stars Abigail Hardingham, Cian Barry, Fiona O’Shaughnessy, Elizabeth Elvin,

Dark Star: H.R. Giger’s World Documentary (2014) Review
Written by Flay Otters, May 16, 2015
More often than not, documentaries that profile artists have an agenda to put forth, something they want to say. A narrative through-line that creates a kind of plot, as it were, to advance the director’s thoughts on the subject. This is common, expected and often very boring. Thankfully, Belinda Sallin’s lovely, emotional documentary, Dark Star:

Cooties (2014) Review – Stanley Film Festival
Written by Flay Otters, May 16, 2015
There aren’t a lot of films that tackle the ‘killer-kid/killing kids’ sub-genre because, mainly, this is taboo territory. Films like Max Kalmanowicz’ The Children (1980) or the beautiful 1976 Spanish film, Who Can Kill A Child? or even the original Children Of The Corn, the Belgian Film Welp/Cub or Cronenberg’s The Brood (1979) are near the

Official Poster & Stills from Oren Peli’s Area 51
Written by Chris Savage, May 15, 2015
From Oren Peli (Paranormal Activity) comes his latest flick Area 51, which hits VOD today! Yep, this sucker is out. So, to coincide with the release we have scored a handful of stills as well as an official poster, let us know if you’ll be checking this one out? The film stars Reid Warner, Jamel

Kate Beckinsale Will Be Back for ‘Underworld 5′
Written by Jason McDonald, May 15, 2015
I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve read conflicting reports regarding Kate Beckinsale’s involvement in the next “Underworld” film. Hopefully this is the last time we have to see whether or not she’ll be putting on the leather duds. THR has learned that Kate Beckinsale is indeed returning for “Underworld 5″ and that the

Samuel L. Jackson Signs up for ‘Blob’ Remake
Written by Jason McDonald, May 15, 2015
Finally, my fan fiction about Nick Fury recruiting horror icons is one step closer to becoming a reality. It looks like one legendary actor will be taking on an iconic monster in a upcoming remake. According to Deadline Samuel L. Jackson has signed on to star in Simon West’s remake of “The Blob.”  In the

Will You Take a ‘Bite’ Out of This Piece of Artwork?
Written by Chris Savage, May 14, 2015
From Chad Archibald comes his latest feature, Bite, which just so happens to be a creature feature, and thanks to the folks over at Bloody-Disgusting, we have scored the first piece of artwork from the upcoming flick. If bugs make you feel queasy you may want to skip this one. Synopsis:  While on her bachelorette party

SGL Entertainment to Release Deadly Revisions This September
Written by Chris Savage, May 14, 2015
Finally! Finally Gregory Blair’s Deadly Revisions will be seeing the light of day. We’ve been following this little slice of horror for as long as I can remember, but it finally appears as if good fortune has fell their way as SGL Entertainment have acquired the film for release this September 29th. This is one

Two New TV Spots for Insidious: Chapter 3
Written by Chris Savage, May 14, 2015
For those of you who love the Insidious franchise will be pleased to know that Insidious: Chapter 3, will be making its way to theatres this June 5th, and I know it’s still a few weeks away which is a bit of a bummer, but in the meantime we have scored two new TV spots

Full Details for Scream Factory’s Howling II Blu-ray Release
Written by Chris Savage, May 14, 2015
The guys over at Scream Factory certainly know a thing or two when it comes to putting together a Blu-ray release and today is no different. With the announcement that the Howling II will be hitting Blu-ray this July 14th, Scream Factory have finally announced all the goods that will be packed into said Blu-ray,

Official Trailer for The Asylum’s Mega Shark vs. Kolossus
Written by Chris Savage, May 14, 2015
Did you guys actually think Mega Shark was no more? Oh no, that sucker was just laying a little dormant until the time was right, and it appears the time is now. You see, Russia have inadvertently awakened the doomsday device known as Kolossus, and basically we’re screwed. Or are we? Check out the official