Here’s the Character that’ll Crossover Between ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ and ‘Walking Dead’
Written by Jason McDonald, November 27, 2017
So, if for some reason this is a big spoiler for you, be warned.  Last month we learned that “The Walking Dead” and “Fear the Walking Dead” would finally “collide” with a crossover.  At the time, all we knew was that one character from one show would appear in another.  Well, tonight on “Talking Dead”

‘The Midnight Man’ Comes Knocking in First Official Trailer
Written by Chris Savage, November 27, 2017
It seems like a distant memory now, but back in March of last year we ushered in the first word for Travis Zariwny’s latest film, The Midnight Man, and what got us truly excited at the time was that both Robert Englund and Lin Shaye star in the film, and we’ve been anxiously waiting for more

Vestron Video Welcomes in the ‘Class of 1999’ onto Blu-ray
Written by Chris Savage, November 26, 2017
Are you guys ready to experience Mark L. Lester’s Class of 1999 all over again? Well, the wonderful folks over at Vestron Video have announced that they will be unleashing the film onto Blu-ray for the very first time as part of their Vestron Video Collector’s Series, and below we have all the details and artwork. As per

A ‘Cheech and Chong vs Jason’ Movie was Briefly Considered and Quickly Rejected
Written by Jason McDonald, November 23, 2017
Man, can you imagine all of the movie ideas that have briefly existed only to be shot down in a pitch meeting?  For as many terrible ideas there are out there, I’m sure more than a few good ones died on the vine before they even had a chance.  Take, for example, Cheech and Chong

Danielle Harris’ ‘Inoperable’ Hits Theatres This December
Written by Chris Savage, November 22, 2017
For those of you who have had your eye on Christopher Lawrence Chapman’s Inoperable, which stars Danielle Harris, will be pleased to know that the film will be receiving a limited theatrical run this December 1, 2017, and we have all the details below. From the Press Release: Zorya Films and Millman Productions are putting scream

‘Somebody’s Darling’ Creeps onto VOD This December
Written by Chris Savage, November 21, 2017
From UFOClub Creative comes Sharad Patel’s directorial feature debut, Somebody’s Darling, and we have just received word that the supernatural thriller will be invading VOD platforms this December 1st. Below we have all the details for you including the official artwork and trailer. Let us know if you’ll be keeping an eye on this one? From the

‘B.R.A.I.N.S.’ Launches Us Back to the Glory Days of the 1950s
Written by Chris Savage, November 17, 2017
Do you guys love B-movies of the 1950s as much as we do? Well, you’re in luck as we have just received word courtesy of our friend Avery, that a new sci-fi throwback flick is on the horizon and it features one hell of a cast, even utilizing footage from some of the greatest cult

Uncork’d Entertainment Unleashes Gothic Horror with ‘The Gatehouse’
Written by Chris Savage, November 17, 2017
From our friends over at Uncork’d Entertainment comes Martin Gooch’s Gothic horror feature, The Gatehouse, and we can reveal that the film will be available on various VOD platforms beginning this December 5th. Check out the official atmospheric trailer below as well as the official poster and let us know if you’ll be keeping an eye on

Chiller to Go Off the Air By the End of the Year
Written by Jason McDonald, November 17, 2017
Remember how much of a bummer it was when FEARnet was gutted and folded into Chiller back in 2014? That was a sucker punch, but surely Comcast had some great plan for their horror network that would ensure the death of FEARnet would not be in vain.  Perhaps it would lead to Chiller having a long and

The Strangers are Back in the First Teaser Trailer for ‘The Strangers: Prey at Night’
Written by Jason McDonald, November 17, 2017
It’s been nearly ten years since the Strangers terrorized a young Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman.  And in that time so many things have changed in the world, it kind of makes you wonder what the Strangers were up to.  Well, whatever they were doing, it looks like they’re finally ready to get back to

The Rock and Negan take on Giant Animals in the First Trailer for ‘Rampage’
Written by Jason McDonald, November 17, 2017
I love that we’re living in a golden era of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, but he’s definitely tapped into a Negan-esque persona that he seems to be bringing into other rolls.  Just watch this trailer for “Rampage” and try not to see Negan, he even does that little lean that Negan does. It’s crazy. “Rampage”, based

Silence is Survival in this First Trailer for ‘A Quiet Place’
Written by Jason McDonald, November 17, 2017
“A Quiet Place” has been one of those films that just floats on the edge of my radar.  I’ve heard bits and pieces and been mildly interested in seeing what this film was going to turn into, but I think this trailer just completely sold me on it. The film is directed by John Krasinski

‘Tokyo Ghoul’ Arrives in UK Cinemas This January
Written by Chris Savage, November 16, 2017
The live-action adaptation of Sui Ishida’s hit manga series, Tokyo Ghoul, will be arriving in UK cinemas in the New Year to kick off 2018 and below we have all the details, which includes the official trailer and images from the upcoming film. From the Press Release: Discover a terrifying new world on our doorstep with

Fox Announces the Premiere Date for ‘The X-Files’
Written by Jason McDonald, November 16, 2017
Here we go again.  I’m starting to get my hopes up just like I did for the last season of “The X-Files” before Chris Carter expertly dashed them by the end of the limited run.  Maybe this time will be different? Please? And while we wait to see what the final verdict will be for the

‘Night of the Living Dead’ and ‘Silence of the Lambs’ Are Getting Criterion Releases
Written by Jason McDonald, November 16, 2017
I don’t buy a whole lot of physical media these days, but Criterion releases are those kind of definitive editions that are hard to resist.  I’m a sucker for their awesome cases, visual upgrades, and compilation of special features.  All things that speak to my cinephile needs.  And all that is made even better when it’s

Joe Lynch’s ‘Mayhem’ Arrives on Home Video This December
Written by Chris Savage, November 15, 2017
We have just learned that RLJE Films will be unleashing Joe Lynch’s Mayhem [Review] onto DVD, Blu-ray, and Ultra High-Definition 4K/Blu-ray combo this December 26, 2017, and below we have all the details you need so you can add this to your collection if you wish. From the Press Release: RLJE Films (NASDAQ: RLJE) will release the

The Golden Globes May Nominate ‘Get Out’ for the Best Comedy Category
Written by Jason McDonald, November 15, 2017
Yeah, I know big award shows are lame and don’t really matter, but they’re still fun to watch.  Well, by watch I mean I have it on in the background while I do something better with my time.  However, it’s always awesome to see a horror film get some recognition.  This year we’ve had a

Official Artwork & Trailer for Sam Patton’s ‘Desolation’
Written by Chris Savage, November 14, 2017
If you ever needed more reason as to why you should never camp out in the woods, IFC Midnight has you covered with their latest flick, Desolation. The film comes from director Sam Patton, and below we have the newly released official trailer as well as the artwork. Take a peek below and let us

The Writer of ‘IT’ Will Be Writing the Script for an ‘Are You Afraid of the Dark?’ Movie
Written by Jason McDonald, November 14, 2017
What a hell of a career this guy has suddenly had.  “IT” writer Gary Dauberman went from writing the hit 2007 SyFy channel caliber film “Blood Monkey” to “Annabelle” to “IT.”  And now he’ll have the chance to revitalize a childhood classic. According to Tracking Board Paramount has pegged Gary Dauberman to write the script

New ‘Halloween’ Movie May Alter the Ending of the Original
Written by Jason McDonald, November 14, 2017
That’s right, Danny McBride has found a way of controlling both space and time and is currently plotting to travel back to 1978 to change the original ending of Carpenter’s “Halloween.”  Okay, it’s not that extreme, but it looks like the new “Halloween” movie may alter how the ending of the original “Halloween” played out.