John Goodman Heads to ‘Kong: Skull Island’
Written by Jason McDonald, September 29, 2015
Over the last few months there have been lots of movement surrounding “Kong: Skull Island” with actors coming and going and the whole production moving from Universal to Warner Bros.  Then there was the news that King Kong would be doing battle with Godzilla himself.  And with all this news production has yet to begin

Morgan Creek Will NOT Remake ‘The Exorcist’
Written by Jason McDonald, September 29, 2015
Morgan Creek is out there and they’re listening to you people. Last week we saw the early rumors that Morgan Creek could possibly be interested in remaking “The Exorcist.”  To no one’s surprise this caused quite the uproar, but now it looks like we might not have anything to worry about. Today Morgan Creek was

México Bárbaro Hits DVD This November
Written by Chris Savage, September 28, 2015
Way back in May of this year we reported that Dark Sky Films had picked up the upcoming anthology flick México Bárbaro for a release in the States, but at that time it was still a little early for a release date. But, with the passing of time, word has come that Dark Sky Films will be

[Video] Mac and Me Recut into a Horror Movie Trailer
Written by Jason McDonald, September 28, 2015
If you’ve somehow never had the pleasure of seeing “Mac and Me” then let me reassure you that you are somehow one of the fortunate few.  “Mac and Me” was a terrible attempt at making some quick cash by being a poor “E.T.” imitation.  The film bombed horribly in the U.S. and has achieved a

New Official Clip from Nicolas Cage’s ‘Pay the Ghost’
Written by Chris Savage, September 26, 2015
Just a random thought first off. If you want to sell me anything, and I mean ANYTHING, put Nicolas Cage in it, on it, what ever. If it’s got Nicolas Cage, you’ve got my money. So, have you guys seen his latest film Pay the Ghost, now that it is in theatres in the States?

‘Bloodsucking Bastards’ Take a Bite out of Blu-ray & DVD
Written by Chris Savage, September 26, 2015
Way back in July of this years we gave you guys your first look at Brian James O’Connell’s horror comedy Bloodsucking Bastards, and news that the film would hit VOD in September, so, did you guys get around to watching this? Let us know what you thought as the film is finally making its way home in

Raven Banner Catches ‘Crabs!’
Written by Chris Savage, September 26, 2015
Damn! Poor guys. Well, it just goes to show that no-one is immune, but thankfully this sucker is about a different type of crab, more along the lines of those little creatures, the Horseshoe crab. Yep, Raven Banner has picked up the worldwide rights to Pierce Berolzheimer’s creature-feature Crabs! and we have some early details below.

The Third Season of ‘Black Mirror’ Will Consist of 12 New Episodes on Netflix
Written by Chris Savage, September 26, 2015
A little while back we learned that Netflix had picked up Black Mirror, with a third season set to debut on the streaming service, and today we have learned that the third season will consist of twelve episodes! Yep, we’re are going to be in for a treat. The third season will be produced by Charlie Brooker

John Hyams to Direct the Maniac Cop Remake
Written by Chris Savage, September 26, 2015
It appears as if the long gestating remake of Manic Cop, is finally one step closer to coming to fruition, as the folks over Twitch have received word that John Hyams (Universal Soldier: Regeneration & Day of Reckoning) is attached to direct the remake. Nicolas Winding Refn, who informed Twitch of the news is producing,

‘Pet Sematary’ Documentary ‘Unearthed & Untold’ Scores Distribution
Written by Chris Savage, September 25, 2015
We’ve been following John Campopiano and Justin White’s documentary Unearthed & Untold: The Story of Pet Sematary, for as long as I can remember and I know a lot of you are just as anxious as I am to finally witness this one. So, while we don’t have a release date as such, we do know,

‘The Witch’ Casts Her Spell This February
Written by Chris Savage, September 25, 2015
Just about a month ago we gave you guys your first look at Robert Eggers’ The Witch, a film that looks freakin’ awesome, but at that time all we knew was that the film was set to be released “sometime” in 2016. But, just like that, as if it were magic, an official release date has

Robert Englund Thinks a ‘Dream Warriors’ Remake Might Happen
Written by Jason McDonald, September 25, 2015
This is mostly rumor and speculation, but who am I to ignore the word of Robert Englund himself? Lately we’ve been hearing a lot of rumors about a new “Nightmare on Elm Street” film, but so far nothing has truly come to pass.  However, is it possible that the next “Elm Street” film could revisit

Prometheus 2 to be Called ‘Alien: Paradise Lost’
Written by Jason McDonald, September 24, 2015
Director Ridley Scott is currently promoting his upcoming film “The Martian”, but the director is already looking to the future by continuing to explore the past. In an interview with Hey You Guys the director revealed that his next film, “Prometheus 2″, has a new title that links it directly with Scott’s “Alien” film.  The

The Green Inferno Review
Written by Jason McDonald, September 24, 2015
Before “The Green Inferno” made its LA debut at AFI Fest, director Eli Roth came on stage and asked us to clear our minds of any preconceived notions we might have had of the film.  The idea was to cleanse ourselves of any assumptions that might have been made in lieu of marketing or advertisement. I did

Eli Roth’s Green Inferno Movie Review
Written by Simon Rother, September 24, 2015
It is a huge shame that there are complications with the theatrical release of “The Green Inferno” because this enormous, raging ball of fire should be seen for those avid horror fans who wish to see a hardcore, intense movie on the big screen. It made its Quebec premiere at Montreal’s Fantasia Film Festival and

A Remake of ‘The Exorcist’ Could be in the Works
Written by Jason McDonald, September 24, 2015
Batten down the hatches, there’s a storm a brewing. You don’t want to be caught outside when this remake news gets out into the wild. Deadline released a report today that Morgan Creek is selling off the rights to a few of it’s most notable films.  These include movies like “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective”, “Major

New Official Photos from the Horror Anthology ‘Tales of Halloween’
Written by Chris Savage, September 24, 2015
Over the past few years we have actually been treated really well in terms of horror anthologies and I couldn’t be more pleased. But it doesn’t look like they’re going away anytime soon, as we have another one on the horizon, one which on paper should be freakin’ awesome, and that’s Tales of Halloween. And

New TV Spot from The 5th Wave
Written by Chris Savage, September 24, 2015
I don’t know about you guys, but I’m actually diggin’ the look of J. Blakeson’s The 5th Wave, considering I didn’t really have much interest to begin with. If you too like the look of this, you’ll be pleased to know we have scored a new TV spot for you to check out below. Let us know

Full Details for Scream Factory’s Release of The Human Centipede: The Complete Sequence Set
Written by Chris Savage, September 24, 2015
Did any of you guys get a chance to see The Human Centipede 3? Like it? Hate it? Let us know, as Scream Factory will soon be unleashing the trilogy of films in a set entitled The Human Centipede: The Complete Sequence, and we have all the details pertaining to the release. From the Press

[Video] Dexter Meets Al Bundy in ‘Murdered With Children’ Starring James Franco
Written by Jason McDonald, September 24, 2015
James Franco and his buddies have a new series on AOL where they throw together different ideas and try to create a scene that represents those ideas.  It’s mostly a comedic show that allows James Franco and his friends to riff on some strange concepts. In Wednesday’s episode they had to create a show that