Arrow Video Unleashes ‘Brain Damage’ onto Blu-ray & DVD in the UK
Written by Chris Savage, February 17, 2017
It appears as if Elmer will be making a trip across the pond as Frank Henenlotter’s Brain Damage is set to hit Blu-ray and DVD in the UK this May 8th, and we have all the details including the artwork below. Will you be adding this one? From the Press Release: From Frank Henenlotter, the man behind

The Full Official Trailer for ‘Atomica’ Has Emerged
Written by Chris Savage, February 17, 2017
Last month we ushered in the first word in regards to Syfy Films’ Atomica, from director Dagen Merrill. At the time we simply just had an image to share, but today, thanks to their official Facebook page, we have for you the full official trailer. Check out the goods below and let us know if you’ll be keeping

The Next Season of ‘American Horror Story’ Will Take on the Presidential Election
Written by Jason McDonald, February 17, 2017
While the last season of “American Horror Story” seemed to be shrouded in secrecy up until the last minute, it looks like Ryan Murphy is being rather open about this new season. And it looks to be a topical one. Speaking with Andy Cohen on “Watch What Happens Live”, “American Horror Story” producer Ryan Murphy

Graboids Become Weaponized in ‘Tremors 6’
Written by Chris Savage, February 16, 2017
It appears as if Tremors 6 is going to become the most outrageous installment yet, as the sequel is set to feature weaponized graboids and the quest to milk one of them suckers for an antidote! Check out the official details below and let us know if you’re looking forward to this one or not?

The Official Trailer Has Arrived for James Cullen Bressack’s ‘Bethany’
Written by Chris Savage, February 16, 2017
Every time James Cullen Bressack (Pernicious, To Jennifer) releases something, we just have to see what he’s cooked up for us this time, and it appears as if he is set to deliver us some supernatural scares with Bethany, and we have the first official trailer and more below. From the Press Release: Tom Green (Road

‘Capture Kill Release’ Hits Digital HD This March
Written by Chris Savage, February 16, 2017
One of the best POV/found footage flicks I have ever seen is Nick McAnulty and Brian Allan Stewart’s Capture Kill Release, it’s a compelling journey into the mind of madness, and you guys will soon get to witness the mayhem this March 7th when it hits Digital HD. From the Press Release: Midnight Releasing has announced

Charles Band’s ‘The Creeps’ Finds a Home on Blu-ray
Written by Chris Savage, February 16, 2017
Charles Band’s classic flick, The Creeps, is finally coming to Blu-ray and it has been remastered from the original negative and is presented in a 2D HD 1080p transfer. Below you’ll find the official artwork and all the details you need so you can get your creep on. From the Press Release: Undersized, Undead and

‘Leatherface’ Writer Offers New Details on ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ Prequel
Written by Jason McDonald, February 16, 2017
At this point you may have forgotten that there was a “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” prequel that is not just in the works, but actually completed.  I don’t blame you, it’s been a long time since Lionsgate has made any mention of it and it might be still some time before we ever see it.  However,

The ‘Sugar Skull Girls’ Are Now Available on Blu-ray & DVD
Written by Chris Savage, February 15, 2017
For our younger audience or for those looking for something a little fun will be pleased to learn that the Sugar Skull Girls, which stars Michael Berryman, is now available on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD via SGL Entertainment, and we have all the details you need below. From the Press Release: SGL Entertainment is pleased

New Official Trailer & Poster for ‘The Void’
Written by Chris Savage, February 15, 2017
We have had our eyes set on Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostanski’s The Void, for as long as we can remember, and we’re utterly stoked to learn that a new trailer has emerged and Empire have the exclusive. So, make your way over to their official website and give this one a peek. Below you’ll also

First Official Clip from ‘The Ice Cream Truck’
Written by Chris Savage, February 14, 2017
Any of you remember Paul Norman’s Ice Cream Man which starred Clint Howard? Man, that film was a total blast, it was a ton of fun with generous helpings of cheese, and I’ve always wanted more. While we may never get a sequel, it appears as if there is still a lot of life in an evil

[Video] Dead Town : Episode 3 – ‘Once in a Lifetime’
Written by Chris Savage, February 13, 2017
And here it is, the season finale of Peter Mckeirnon’s Dead Town has arrived, and it’s just as fun as the previous episodes while leaving it open to continue. I won’t go into details, I’ll let you guys check it out for yourselves, although I’ve had a ton of fun with this little web-series, but I’m sad to

A New ‘Halloween’ Film Will Arrive in October 2018! – Details Within
Written by Chris Savage, February 10, 2017
Halloween has had a bit of a rocky ride as of late, with many stops and starts, but thankfully it hasn’t been quite as messed around as the whole Friday the 13th fiasco. Instead, Halloween appears to be showing signs of life and they have just got a whole lot more serious. We can reveal that David

Ice-T’s ‘Bloodrunners’ Takes a Bite Out of Blu-ray & DVD
Written by Chris Savage, February 9, 2017
A little while back we revealed that Ice-T would be starring in Bloodrunners from Dan Lantz, where Ice-T will play a power-hungry vampire. And today, we can reveal that the film will be making its way to Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD this March 7th. Check out the goods below. From the Press Release: Speakeasy Pictures

‘It Comes at Night’ Stares into the Darkness with this Creepy Trailer
Written by Jason McDonald, February 9, 2017
Production company A24 has been on a roll these last few years. Just last year we got “The Witch”, “The Monster”, and “Green Room” and they even nabbed a bunch of Oscar nominations with their dramatic film “Moonlight.”  But even though they’ve got themselves a bunch of Oscar cred, they’re still dipping their toes into

Scream Factory Will Unleash ‘Species’ As a Collector’s Edition
Written by Chris Savage, February 8, 2017
Scream Factory are once again unleashing the goods, as they have just announced that they will be unleashing Species onto Blu-ray as a special Collector’s Edition sometime in the Summer. The shingle has already unleashed Species II, Species III and Species: The Awakening onto Blu-ray, so this is certainly a welcomed edition. Although they have

[Review] ‘Rings’ Has Lost Its Luster
Written by Jason McDonald, February 8, 2017
It’s been over 12 years since the world last had to deal with the threat of Samara and her cursed video.  And while her legacy seemed to grow and continue in Japan, she was seemingly all but forgotten here in the states.  But now Samara is back with a vengeance, but will she receive a

The Official Trailer Has Arrived for ‘The Blackcoat’s Daughter’
Written by Chris Savage, February 7, 2017
Making its premiere exclusively on DirecTV this February 16, 2017, is Osgood Perkins’ latest flick, The Blackcoat’s Daughter, and below we finally have the official trailer for you guys to take a look at. Will you be watching this one or giving it a pass? The film stars Emma Roberts, Kiernan Shipka, Lucy Boynton, Lauren Holly, and

Paramount Has Pulled ‘Friday the 13th’ and ‘World War Z 2’ From Their Schedule
Written by Jason McDonald, February 7, 2017
As of late there seemed to be some rumors swirling around about how production was finally gearing up for the new “Friday the 13th.”  However, it seemed like any hope of a new “Friday the 13th” releasing this year was short lived. Paramount, in a move that isn’t all too surprising, has pulled both “Friday

[Trailer] Things Get Stranger in this First Look at ‘Stranger Things 2’
Written by Jason McDonald, February 6, 2017
“Stranger Things” was by far one of my favorite shows put out on any service last year.  It had heart, nostalgia, and a great sense of wonder.  And the first season left me wanting more.  Thankfully now we know when we’re going to get that along with the first trailer for season 2. If you