‘It Comes at Night’ Stares into the Darkness with this Creepy Trailer
Written by Jason McDonald, February 9, 2017
Production company A24 has been on a roll these last few years. Just last year we got “The Witch”, “The Monster”, and “Green Room” and they even nabbed a bunch of Oscar nominations with their dramatic film “Moonlight.”  But even though they’ve got themselves a bunch of Oscar cred, they’re still dipping their toes into

Scream Factory Will Unleash ‘Species’ As a Collector’s Edition
Written by Chris Savage, February 8, 2017
Scream Factory are once again unleashing the goods, as they have just announced that they will be unleashing Species onto Blu-ray as a special Collector’s Edition sometime in the Summer. The shingle has already unleashed Species II, Species III and Species: The Awakening onto Blu-ray, so this is certainly a welcomed edition. Although they have

[Review] ‘Rings’ Has Lost Its Luster
Written by Jason McDonald, February 8, 2017
It’s been over 12 years since the world last had to deal with the threat of Samara and her cursed video.  And while her legacy seemed to grow and continue in Japan, she was seemingly all but forgotten here in the states.  But now Samara is back with a vengeance, but will she receive a

The Official Trailer Has Arrived for ‘The Blackcoat’s Daughter’
Written by Chris Savage, February 7, 2017
Making its premiere exclusively on DirecTV this February 16, 2017, is Osgood Perkins’ latest flick, The Blackcoat’s Daughter, and below we finally have the official trailer for you guys to take a look at. Will you be watching this one or giving it a pass? The film stars Emma Roberts, Kiernan Shipka, Lucy Boynton, Lauren Holly, and

Paramount Has Pulled ‘Friday the 13th’ and ‘World War Z 2’ From Their Schedule
Written by Jason McDonald, February 7, 2017
As of late there seemed to be some rumors swirling around about how production was finally gearing up for the new “Friday the 13th.”  However, it seemed like any hope of a new “Friday the 13th” releasing this year was short lived. Paramount, in a move that isn’t all too surprising, has pulled both “Friday

[Trailer] Things Get Stranger in this First Look at ‘Stranger Things 2’
Written by Jason McDonald, February 6, 2017
“Stranger Things” was by far one of my favorite shows put out on any service last year.  It had heart, nostalgia, and a great sense of wonder.  And the first season left me wanting more.  Thankfully now we know when we’re going to get that along with the first trailer for season 2. If you

SGL Entertainment Will Take You on a Violent Ride With ‘Spaceship Terror’
Written by Chris Savage, February 4, 2017
Harry Tchinski’s Spaceship Terror looks set to be one heck of a violent slasher, which just happens to be set in space, and the folks over at SGL Entertainment have acquired the rights to the film with a release date scheduled for later this year on Blu-ray, DVD and VOD. Head on down below for

First Look at Troy Escamilla’s Christmas Horror Film ‘Stirring’
Written by Chris Savage, February 3, 2017
From Troy Escamilla (Party Night) comes his latest foray into horror with his upcoming festive slasher, Stirring, and below we have the early details as well as the official teaser poster. The film is currently seeking funds via a Kickstarter campaign, so have a read and let us know what you think? From the Press Release:

Full Details for Scream Factory’s ‘RoboCop 2 & 3’ Blu-rays
Written by Chris Savage, February 3, 2017
Earlier last year word came in that the folks over at Scream Factory would be unleashing RoboCop 2 & 3 onto Blu-ray with brand new extra content, and today we have word of said content below. Check out the goods and remember, stay out of trouble! From the Press Release: Back online. Back on duty.

First Official Clip from Terror Films’ ‘The Tribe’
Written by Chris Savage, February 2, 2017
Last year we gave you guys the early word in regards to Roxy Shih’s feature directorial debut, The Tribe, and since then the film has gone on to pick up a slew of awards from various festivals. And as it is the start of Women in Horror Month, it only seems fitting that we can reveal

‘Willard’ is Reunited with ‘Ben’ as They Finally Make Their Debut onto DVD & Blu-ray
Written by Chris Savage, February 2, 2017
Daniel Mann’s Willard and Phil Carson’s Ben have been laying dormant for years, just waiting for an upgrade from VHS, and thankfully Scream Factory heard the call. Initially announced back in July at Comic-Con, both films will finally be hitting DVD and Blu-ray this May 16th. As per their official Facebook page; We announced last

The Director of Bone Tomahawk is Teaming up with Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn for New Film
Written by Jason McDonald, February 2, 2017
It’s hard to say if this one will be an actual horror film, but if it involves the director of “Bone Tomahawk” then I’m all ears. According to THR director S. Craig Zahler is starting out on a new feature film that he wrote and will now direct (like he did with “Bone Tomahawk”) and

J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot is Making a Nazi Zombie Movie
Written by Jason McDonald, February 2, 2017
Nazi Zombie certainly aren’t a new invention for horror fans, in fact, it’s infiltrated just about every entertainment medium out there.  Shockingly though, I can’t recall a big budget Hollywood take on the subject. But that might soon change as J.J. Abrams and Paramount have finally found a director for their long-gestating Nazi Zombie project

Nightmarish Visuals Are Found ‘From a House on Willow Street’
Written by Chris Savage, February 1, 2017
Well, this one looks like all kinds of awesome! From Alastair Orr comes his latest flick From a House on Willow Street, and it looks like an insane, nightmarish ride into hell which has us salivating over the beautiful poster artwork and grisly trailer. Check out the carnage below and let us know what you think,

Uncork’d Entertainment Unleashes the ‘Ghosts of Darkness’
Written by Chris Savage, February 1, 2017
Richwood Manor is host to a slew of eerie goings on, but thankfully we have a couple of ghost hunters on hand in David Ryan Keith’s supernatural film, Ghosts of Darkness. Make your way below for the official trailer, poster and much more. Keep an eye out for this one this March 7, 2017. From the

New Official UK Trailer for Ben Parker’s ‘The Chamber’
Written by Chris Savage, February 1, 2017
From Studiocanal comes Ben Parker’s feature debut, The Chamber, and below we have scored the official UK trailer and quad poster for the upcoming flick. If you’re looking for a new suspense thriller to keep you on edge, keep those eyes peeled for this one. The film will hit UK cinemas this March 10th, which will

‘Bates Motel’ Offers Us a Look at Rihanna as Marion Crane in this First Trailer
Written by Jason McDonald, February 1, 2017
“Bates Motel” will open it’s doors for the final season on February 20th and while we know how it all ends, the journey there is bound to be full of twists and turns. However, one of the biggest surprises is one we learned a few months ago.  Actress/Singer Rihanna will be stepping into the iconic

The First Trailer for ‘Nails’ Has Dug Its Way Within
Written by Chris Savage, January 31, 2017
From Fantastic Films and Kaleidoscope Film Distribution comes Dennis Bartok’s directorial debut, Nails, and we can reveal that the film will be making its world premiere in Ireland as part of the Audi Dublin International Film Festival (ADIFF), which runs 16-26 February, 2017, and thanks to Dread Central, we have the official trailer below. From the Press Release: Fantastic

[Review] ‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’ Stumbles into the Sunset
Written by Jason McDonald, January 29, 2017
I think it’s only fair that I preface this review by saying I grew up as a huge fan of the Resident Evil games.  I played the hell out of them in my younger years and when I heard they were turning it into a movie I was beyond excited.  Being a Junior in high

The Official Poster & Trailer for ‘Lavender’ Has Arrived
Written by Chris Savage, January 28, 2017
From Samuel Goldwyn Films and AMBI Group comes Ed Gass-Donnelly’s (The Last Exorcism Part II) latest flick, Lavender, and we’ve scored the official trailer, poster and more for the upcoming thriller. Check out all the details below and let us know if this is something you’ll be keeping an eye on? From the Press Release: Samuel Goldwyn