New Official Trailer for ‘Sharknado: The 4th Awakens’
Written by Chris Savage, July 14, 2016
As you guys know, the ‘nado is back! It’s Sharknado: The 4th Awakens, and we’ve scored the official trailer for the flick, and yes, it’s just as ridiculous as before, if not even more so. But, are you guys looking forward to this one or has it over stayed its welcome? Let us know what you

‘Tales of Poe’ Hits DVD This October
Written by Chris Savage, July 14, 2016
From our good friends over at Wild Eye Releasing comes word that they will be unleashing Bart Mastronardi and Alan Rowe Kelly’s anthology flick Tales of Poe [REVIEW] onto DVD and Digital HD this October, and we scored the official artwork and trailer. From the Press Release: Wild Eye Releasing has unleashed a new trailer and artwork

Check Out the Poster for Tyler Perry’s ‘Boo! A Madea Halloween’ if you Dare
Written by Jason McDonald, July 14, 2016
I believe the name Tyler Perry has never been spoken on this site before, so here I am, breaking new ground.  Before you think I’ve lost my mind, I just wanted to share you with this poster that came my way today.  As horror fans you’ll either appreciate it or pull your hair out. Tyler

‘Flatliners’ Remake is Heading to Theaters Next Summer
Written by Jason McDonald, July 14, 2016
With production on the upcoming “Flatliners” remake ramping up, Sony has gone ahead and given the film a juicy release date in the tail end of the summer. “Flatliners” originally starred Kiefer Sutherland, Julia Roberts, Oliver Platt, Kevin Bacon, and William Baldwin as medical students who attempt to learn what lies beyond death.  However, their

The New ‘Saw’ Sequel Has a Release Date
Written by Jason McDonald, July 14, 2016
Yesterday Chris shared with us the news that the Spierig Brothers (Daybreakers) would be helming the new “Saw” sequel and he even speculated that the film could be ready for release by October of next year.  Well, I’m declaring Chris to be some kind of witch, because he was right. Lionsgate has announced today that the

Der Bunker [Review]
Written by Chris Savage, July 13, 2016
Just when you think you’ve seen it all, along comes this little gem which slaps you around the face, pulls your twisted carcass in, and then spews you out more deranged than before. Der Bunker is brilliant, fascinating and utterly bizarre, yet it has this strange warming charm about it. Anyway, the German-language movie is Nikias Chryssos’ feature debut and

Here’s Your First Look at the New Pennywise
Written by Chris Savage, July 13, 2016
Dear those who suffer from Coulrophobia, you may want to avert your eyes right about now. Andrés Muschietti’s adaptation of Stephen King’s novel It, has just come out of the fences firing on all cylinders as the powers that be have unleashed your first look at Pennywise, played by Bill Skarsgard, and we have that sinister

‘Bed of the Dead’ and ‘The Unseen’ Have Their World Premieres at the Fantasia Film Festival
Written by Chris Savage, July 13, 2016
I’m pretty sure a few of you will be making your way to the Fantasia International Film Festival, right? If so, you’ll be pleased to know that we have a couple of world premieres to announce. The first is Geoff Redknap’s feature debut The Unseen and the second is Jeff Maher’s Bed of the Dead, both films look set

First Look at the Psychological Thriller ‘Goddess of Love’
Written by Chris Savage, July 13, 2016
We love a good psychological thriller around these parts, sadly they’re few and far between, but once we do get one they almost always hit the mark, so that’s why we’re pretty stoked for the Goddess of Love from Jon Knautz. The film looks deliciously seductive with some truly dark undertones, and I think some of

New Official Poster for Rob Zombie’s ’31’
Written by Chris Savage, July 13, 2016
Rob Zombie’s highly anticipated flick 31 is ever so slowly nearing its release date and as such, we have scored a brand new poster for the film which features Doom-Head in all his twisted glory. Check out the goods below along with the official trailer. From the Press Release: Saban Films is acquiring North American

‘Saw’ Continues its ‘Legacy’ with the Spierig Brothers at the Helm
Written by Chris Savage, July 12, 2016
You knew it was only a matter of time until a new Saw movie came to fruition, and it appears as if it is doing just that. According to Dread Central, they caught word of the new Saw film which is tentatively called Saw: Legacy over at Ontario Media Development with a production date taking

Brace Yourselves for the ‘Planet of the Sharks’
Written by Chris Savage, July 12, 2016
Ah, The Asylum, these guys hold a special place in my heart as I’m sure they do in yours, it might be hidden deep, but I know it’s there. So, you ready for yet another shark-themed flick? Well, from Mark Atkins comes his TV movie Planet of the Sharks, and you’ve guessed it, sharks are everywhere! But,

New Official Poster & Trailer for ‘Red Billabong’
Written by Chris Savage, July 12, 2016
We’ve been following Luke Sparke’s Australian creature feature Red Billabong, for a while now, and with each passing bit of information our anticipation has continued to grow and we just can’t wait to get a look at this sucker. So, with the film headed to Australian theatres this August 25, 2016, we’ve scored the theatrical poster and

Javier Bardem Could Be in Talks to Play Universal’s ‘Frankenstein’
Written by Jason McDonald, July 12, 2016
If there’s one thing to be said about Universal’s upcoming Classic Monster Universe it’s that it is filled with stars. And it looks like a new one is about to shine upon another Universal Monster. Variety is reporting that actor Javier Bardem (“No Country for Old Men”) is in talks to star in Universal’s upcoming

‘Hell Town’ Hits VOD This August
Written by Chris Savage, July 11, 2016
From Steve Balderson comes his latest flick Hell Town, which stars genre favorite Debbie Rochon, and we’ve scored all the details regarding the upcoming release of the film on VOD this August 23, 2016 via Gravitas Ventures. From the Press Release: Gravitas Ventures has announced the August 23rd Cable and Digital HD release of Steve Balderson’s

The Reviews for ‘Ghostbusters’ Are Here- Check Out What the Critics Are Saying
Written by Jason McDonald, July 11, 2016
The review embargo for Paul Feig’s upcoming “Ghostbusters” film has been lifted today and the reviews are pouring out.  Given the divisive nature of this film, I imagine many people have been waiting to see what the release of this film would bring about.  Would it defy it’s naysayers or will is stumble out of

New Official Poster for ‘The Devil’s Candy’
Written by Chris Savage, July 9, 2016
From Sean Byrne (The Loved Ones) comes his latest film The Devil’s Candy, which had its premiere at TIFF last year, so if you did get a chance to witness this one, let us know what you thought? So, while we don’t have any word regarding a release date just yet, we have scored the

‘The Night Shift’ Receives An Injection of Metal
Written by Chris Savage, July 9, 2016
We recently received word that SGL Entertianment is handling The Night Shift, one of the many new films from seasoned director Massimiliano Cerchi, and today we have got word that the film has teamed up with Pavement Music and Dark Star Records to introduce some music into the film. The deal includes songs from Hed PE, Soil

Stag Night of the Dead DVD Review
Written by Sam, July 8, 2016
The Film This micro budget British effort shows us a UK that has survived a pandemic that turned people into zombies (a fact that seems to have been well hidden from the population at large). Rather than attempt a serious take on this idea writer/director Neil ‘Napoleon’ Jones throws us in with a group of

Michael Myers Returns to Universal Studios for Halloween Horror Nights
Written by Jason McDonald, July 8, 2016
The dog days of summer are upon us, but with the heat comes something that I look forward too all year long.  It’s about this time of the year that Universal Studios really starts to announce their lineup for their annual Halloween Horror Nights event and today we’ve learned that a Halloween classic is returning