Predator is Coming to Mortal Kombat X
Written by Jason McDonald, March 21, 2015
UPDATE: NetherRealm Studios has gone ahead and released the teaser video for the Predator and have also revealed that Tremor and Tanya will the two klassic kombatants being sold as part of the Kombat Pack.  Check out the teaser below. We’ve also been sent a breakdown of how the DLC will be parsed out.  Interestingly

A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night (2015) review
Written by Flay Otters, March 20, 2015
There is a beautiful dance between the molasses-thick atmosphere and the sweet aching of innocent love in Ana Lily Amirpour’s A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night that is as effortless as it is well thought out. This makes for a stylish and dreamy meander through a story without a real story – a film

Zombeavers Review
Written by Simon Rother, March 20, 2015
If you’re a fan of horror-comedy, “Zombeavers” is definitely a movie for you. Making its international premiere outside of the USA at Montreal’s Fantasia Film Festival is Jordan Rubin’s first big-time flick. When a barrel of toxic waste accidentally bounces out of its truck, the lethal substance contaminates a nearby beaver dam, turning its residents

God of War 3 Remastered Coming to PS4
Written by Jason McDonald, March 20, 2015
Hard to believe that it’s only been ten years, but this year marks the tenth anniversary of the very first “God of War” game on the Playstation 2.  In order to mark the occasion Sony is putting out a special “remastered” version of “God of War 3″ for the PS4. There isn’t too much information

Sharknado 3 Gets a Title and Premiere Date
Written by Jason McDonald, March 19, 2015
Despite being hit by a strike SyFy is attempting to keep things moving forward with “Sharknado 3.” As if to say “everything is okay, we’re all fine here!” The network has released a cheeky new subtitle for the third film along with a brand new release date. For their newest subtitle, the third film is opting

[Video] Relive the First Two Seasons of the Walking Dead in Pixel Form
Written by Jason McDonald, March 19, 2015
Want to rewatch the first two seasons of “The Walking Dead” without having to actually sit through all those episodes? I mean, the first season is fine, but then they get to the farm and … zZzzZZZZzzzzz… OH, sorry, that just happens whenever I start thinking about the farm. But now that’ll be a problem

Dredd 2 Not Happening According to Alex Garland
Written by Jason McDonald, March 19, 2015
I think it’s no secret that we’re big fans of the 2012 film “Dredd.”  It’s one of the few non-horror movies that we actively talk about on the site.  There’s just something about an action film that has the purity and coolness that “Dredd” embodied.  And while the film did terribly at the box office,

New Poltergeist TV Spot Asks ‘What Are You Afraid Of?’
Written by Chris Savage, March 19, 2015
As you guys are very much aware, the remake of Poltergeist is officially on the way and of course it is so easy to hate on. But, I say give the film the benefit of the doubt and check out this new TV spot and let us know if you aren’t just a little bit

First Look at the Soska Sisters’ Kill-Crazy Nymphos Attack!
Written by Chris Savage, March 19, 2015
A few weeks back we unveiled the awesome news that two of the most badass women in the freakin’ world, Jen and Sylvia Soska, will be teaming up with veteran writer Daniel Way to create their very first graphic novel which is titled Kill-Crazy Nymphos Attack, and today we have scored your very first look

A&E is Turning ‘Let the Right One In’ Into a Series
Written by Jason McDonald, March 18, 2015
A&E is looking to strike horror gold once again with a new series based on a popular film.  Having had good success with “Bates Motel”, it’s no surprise that the network would try and replicate those ratings with another horror property.  However, what does come as a surprise is A&E’s continued insistence in utilizing horror films

Love in the Time of Monsters [Review]
Written by Chris Savage, March 18, 2015
For those of you that have been following me know that I am a huge sucker for creature features. To me they’re awesome, whether it’s werewolves, rabbits, critters or in the case of Matt Jackson’s Love in the Time of Monsters, it’s Bigfoot or the humble Sasquatch. Now, when it comes to horror and comedy it

[Trailer] There’s ‘Something In The Woods’ and It’s out for Blood
Written by Chris Savage, March 18, 2015
Over the past few years, the humble Sasquatch has been featured in a slew of films, some good and some not so much. But I have to say, from witnessing this trailer which you can view below, Tony Gibson and David Ford’s Something In The Woods, looks like the real deal. This could very well be

Girls and Corpses Team Up with TomCat Films for ‘Blood Rites’
Written by Chris Savage, March 18, 2015
You guys are familiar with the awesome Girls and Corpses magazine, right? Of course you are! I mean, it is a little bit awesome. So it just makes sense that one day they would get into the whole video distribution gig and it just so happens to be with TomCat Films, and they have partnered

Official Trailer for The Vatican Tapes
Written by Chris Savage, March 18, 2015
Do you guys remember that film entitled The Vatican Tapes? Yeah, I had trouble remembering this one too, but if you have been keeping your eye on this sucker you will be pleased to know that we have scored the official trailer for the film which is said to hit this May 22, 2015. The

Full Official Trailer for Insidious: Chapter 3
Written by Chris Savage, March 18, 2015
Here we go, guys. The full official trailer has finally arrived. Yesterday a leaked version made its way online but we stood our ground until the official trailer landed, and here we are. Check out the official goods below and let us know if you’ll be continuing your journey into the ‘Further’ with Insidious? Synopsis: The

Retro Minimalist Poster for ‘It Follows’
Written by Chris Savage, March 17, 2015
Last month we unleashed some killer artwork for David Robert Mitchell’s It Follows, a film which has absolutely dominated it’s first theatrical run in only four theatres across America with an average of $40,000 per screen! With that, the film will soon be rolling out into more, but in the meantime we have some an awesome

First Official Poster for Insidious: Chapter 3
Written by Chris Savage, March 17, 2015
We actually have a couple of goodies for you guys today in regards to Insidious: Chapter 3. First up we have scored the first official poster for the upcoming film, and secondly we have scored a little tease for the trailer which is said to hit at some point today, so head on down below

Fox Debuts New Teaser for Scream Queens
Written by Jason McDonald, March 17, 2015
The cast for Fox’s new series “Scream Queens” is finally taking form, so it’s no surprise that the network doesn’t have too much to show right now.  Still, that won’t stop them from putting out little teasers to hype up the upcoming Fall premiere. “Scream Queens”, a new horror anthology series from “American Horror Story” creator

Walking Dead Companion Series is a Prequel
Written by Jason McDonald, March 17, 2015
There’s been a lot of speculation surrounding the upcoming “Walking Dead” companion series.  In fact, no one can even definitely say if this is a companion series or a spin-off.  Is there an actual difference? Probably not, but lets at least come to an agreement on the terminology before we start worrying about the premise

[Trailer] Evil Is Unleashed in The X Species
Written by Chris Savage, March 16, 2015
When ever I get word of a new creature feature, I can’t help but have a little grin knowing that one of my favorite sub-genres is still very much alive and well. But then they throw the curve-ball which just so happens to be POV or found-footage and then I feel a little less excited. However,