Dare You Enter Jen & Sylvia Soska’s Hellevator?
Written by Chris Savage, June 18, 2015
Well my friends, it appears as if the Twisted Twins, Jen and Sylvia Soska have one very simple question for you… Wanna play a game? If so, these awesome sisters have a game lined up for you and it just so happens that it’s a freakin’ horror-themed game show! Yep, the Twisted Twins want to take you

Ghostbusters Plot Details Revealed Along with the Return of a Familiar Character
Written by Jason McDonald, June 18, 2015
I would say that you could take this post with a medium-sized spoon of salt.  None of the information below is official, but the Boston Herald claims that a person privy to the details of the script revealed the premise behind Paul Feig’s upcoming “Ghostbusters” reboot to them. The brief synopsis isn’t spoiler heavy, but

Turbo Kid Rides into Theatres This August
Written by Chris Savage, June 18, 2015
Turbo Kid has definitely come a long way since its initial conception as a short for The ABCs of Death competition, where it was titled T is for Turbo, but sadly it never made it onto the feature, that honor went to T is for Toilet. But, all was not lost as thanks to people like

[Trailer] Become ‘Closer to God’ This July
Written by Chris Savage, June 17, 2015
From Uncork’d Entertainment and Breaking Glass Pictures comes Billy Senese’s dark sci-fi horror flick Closer to God, and we have just scored some details as to when and where you can catch this one, so head on down below for all the details. Also, we have the official trailer for you guys to check out as well. Be

This Official Poster Creeps Up from The Dark Below
Written by Chris Savage, June 17, 2015
Just a couple of days ago we announced the wonderful news that Douglas Schulze’s (Mimesis: Night of the Living Dead) highly original film The Dark Below, will be receiving its world premiere at this years Fantasia International Film Festival this summer in Montreal (July 14th thru Aug 4th). So with that now locked in, we have scored the

[Trailer] Dead Woman’s Hollow Hits DVD June 23rd
Written by Chris Savage, June 17, 2015
From our good friends over at Wild Eye Releasing comes word that they will be unleashing Libby McDermott’s debut feature film Dead Woman’s Hollow, a film which is based upon the shocking hate crime of 1988 in Appalachia, which in itself is no easy task considering the subject matter, but in doing so, McDermott has received a

First Clip & TV Spot for The Gallows
Written by Chris Savage, June 17, 2015
Back in April we finally ushered in the official trailer for Chris Lofing and Travis Cluff’s directorial debut The Gallows, which on it’s own looked interesting enough, but since then it has been relatively silent. That is until today, as we have not only scoired the opening scene of the film but also a TV spot for

Paranormal Activity is Getting a VR Game
Written by Jason McDonald, June 17, 2015
Amidst all the E3 press releases floating out there a new one that encapsulates two of my interests has floated to the surface.   While the “Paranormal Activity” series has become a divisive film series amongst horror fans, how would you feel about playing a videogame based on the film property? VRwerx, a development time comprised

First Look at Malcolm McDowell in Rob Zombie’s ’31’
Written by Jason McDonald, June 17, 2015
Production on Rob Zombie’s latest film “31” is currently chugging away and Zombie himself is releasing a steady drip of promotional material to build up interest.  Here’s what Zombie’s latest postings have brought us. In a post on his Facebook page he revealed the very fancy look of Malcolm McDowell in his latest film.  McDowell

Eli Roth is in Talks to Direct Shark Film ‘Meg’
Written by Jason McDonald, June 17, 2015
Eli Roth, known for his splatterfest films, is about to dive into a different kind of liquid: water.  And then promptly turn it red with blood. According to Variety, Roth is in talks to take the director’s chair for “Meg.”  If you have a passing interest in movie news then you’ve probably heard the name

Marcus Dunstan Brings Michael Myers Home in Halloween Returns
Written by Chris Savage, June 16, 2015
Here we go, guys. We’ve heard rumors of a new Halloween film for as long as I can remember, and just last year it appeared as if the possibility of a new film was closer than ever, but for whatever reason it went silent. But today, the boogeyman returns. It has been announced that Michael

Matthew Fox Faces ‘Extinction’ In This Official Trailer
Written by Chris Savage, June 16, 2015
Imagine you have just survived a zombie apocalypse, you think that the undead are finally staying dead when suddenly these brain-munchers evolve into something worse, far worse, what do you do? Well, that question could be answered in Miguel Ángel Vivas’ latest zombie flick Extinction, and we have scored a brand new trailer for you guys to

Jack Huston Leaves ‘The Crow’ Remake
Written by Jason McDonald, June 16, 2015
At this point the development behind “The Crow” remake is becoming a potentially more interesting story than the actual “Crow” remake.  This film has had so many ups and downs and it just seems like the roller coaster is never gonna end.  The latest dip now is the departure of the film’s current lead. Variety

Official Teaser Trailer for Deathaus Films’ Massacre
Written by Chris Savage, June 15, 2015
What do you get when you cross Billie Idol, a Suicide Girl (Pandie Suicide) and members of Korn and Marilyn Manson? I’ll tell you, you get a freakin’ Massacre, and that’s exactly what we have for you today. From Erik Boccio and Pandie Suicide comes their latest collaboration and we have a taste for you in

Gears of War 4 Debuts Gameplay Footage
Written by Jason McDonald, June 15, 2015
During Microsoft’s E3 conference developer The Coalition came out to talk about their upcoming remastered version of the original “Gears of War” and to debut their next game “Gears of War 4.” Not much is known about the story surrounding “Gears of War 4″, but it would seem that there is a new protagonist and

Microsoft Announces New Survival Horror Game ‘ENKI’
Written by Jason McDonald, June 15, 2015
During Microsoft’s XBox conference today the publisher announced a new survival horror game from developer SOEDESCO.  The game is titled “ENKI” and is being touted as an evolving horror game with a multitude of endings.  Along with the announcement came a brief trailer that you can check out down below. Here’s how SOEDESCO described the

Walking Dead’s Michonne Will Get Her Own Telltale Game
Written by Jason McDonald, June 15, 2015
E3 is fully in effect and the publishers have come out swinging with massive announcements, but smaller studios are also getting out there and making their own reveals.  While Microsoft was showcasing big Triple A titles, Telltale Games snuck out an announcement regarding a new game based on the Walking Dead series. The new game

The Dark Below Makes its World Premiere at the Fantasia International Film Festival This August
Written by Chris Savage, June 15, 2015
A couple of months ago we ushered in the first details and a slew of photos for Douglas Schulze’s (Mimesis: Night of the Living Dead) highly intriguing, and original film The Dark Below, but since then it has been a little silent but it has become very clear now, they have been extremely busy. You see,

Doom Gameplay Trailer is a Bloody Mess
Written by Jason McDonald, June 15, 2015
E3 is upon us and the announcements are flooding in through the doors, send help! The first big announcement out of the gate (that relates to our interests) was a gameplay trailer for Bethesda’s “Doom.”  During the presentation they showed footage of their upcoming “Doom” game that was originally showcased at Quakecon last year.  That

Bethesda Announces Fallout 4 Release Date
Written by Jason McDonald, June 15, 2015
Bethesda came out with guns blazing tonight as their E3 presentation dropped bomb after bomb.  After a strong Doom presentation and the reveal of “Dishonored 2″, the publisher went on to open up about one of their most anticipated games “Fallout 4.” The first major revelation about “Fallout 4″ is that the game will open