Experience a ‘Deathgasm’ on Blu-ray & DVD This January
Written by Chris Savage, November 14, 2015
I’ve pretty much heard nothing but good things in regards to Jason Lei Howden’s Deathgasm, and hopefully it lives up to its promise as I missed this one when it first hit select theatres, and I’m sure a few of you did too. So, if you need to get your Deathgasm fix in the comfort of

Evil Takes Flight in New Poster for ‘The Witch’
Written by Chris Savage, November 14, 2015
People often say that there are too many remakes, and perhaps that is the case but there is a slew of original works also just vying for your attention such as Robert Eggers’ feature debut The Witch. It’s a film which I have extremely high hopes for, and if you’re after a supernatural film that deals

Check Out Jason in Action in this Pre-Alpha ‘Friday the 13th: The Game’ Footage
Written by Jason McDonald, November 14, 2015
Well, another Friday the 13th has come and gone and we still don’t have a new “Friday the 13th” movie. However, the guys behind the upcoming “Friday the 13th” game have us covered with this look at their pre-alpha gameplay. If you’re new to video game terminology, think of pre-alpha as an extremely rough draft

Trailer for New Possession Film ‘Anguish’
Written by Jason McDonald, November 14, 2015
While people tend to scoff at the idea of another zombie project or another ‘found footage’ film, I don’t see the same amount of dismay over “possession” films and there seems to be just as many if not more of those films out there.  That being said, I do have to say that “Anguish” looks

Official Trailer for ‘There Is No Door’
Written by Chris Savage, November 13, 2015
We have just received word in regards to a creepy psychological film entitled There Is No Door from director Ward Crockett. The film appears as if it is quite a close and very personal story to the director, who unfortunately lost someone to depression, an illness which I’m all to familiar with, not myself, but someone

First Look at NECA’s Life-Size Facehugger & Egg
Written by Chris Savage, November 13, 2015
Looking for Christmas presents for this year? Well, we have some good news and we have some bad news. The good news is that NECA have announced that they will be unleashing a life-size Facehugger along with an egg so it can fit inside! Yes, life-size Facehugger and egg! The bad news? Well, it ain’t

Keanu Reeves’ ‘Knock Knock’ Makes Its Way to Blu-ray & DVD This December
Written by Chris Savage, November 13, 2015
Did you get a chance to witness Eli Roth’s latest flick Knock Knock which stars Keanu Reeves? No? Well, you’re in luck as we have received word as to when you guys to watch this one in the comfort of your home, but it might be best if you don’t answer the door if you

‘Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance’ Dominated the American Film Market
Written by Chris Savage, November 13, 2015
Gregory Hatanaka’s Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance recently had a screening at the American Film Market on November 4, 2015 to a sold out crowd! The film took the event by storm and as such had a party of epic proportions with none other than Tommy Wiseau (The Room) and a very good friend of

Release Date Announced for Scream Factory’s Blu-ray Release of ‘Women’s Prison Massacre’
Written by Chris Savage, November 12, 2015
Back in July of this year we announced 10 upcoming Blu-ray titles from Scream Factory, and one of those titles just so happened to be Bruno Mattei’s Women’s Prison Massacre, and we have finally scored the release date for you guys. Read on for all the details below. From the Press Release: Featuring master of exploitation

**UPDATE** [Giveaway] Win Artsploitation Films’ Epic Blu-ray/DVD Contest
Written by Chris Savage, November 12, 2015
You guys are familiar with Artsploitation Films, right? These guys unleash  some of the best genre films onto DVD, Blu-ray and VOD, and while they may not be just a “genre” label, they always set their sights on films that provoke some sort of a reaction from the viewer. So, if you’re new to them or not,

Official Clip from ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ Episode 1.03
Written by Chris Savage, November 12, 2015
How awesome is Ash vs Evil Dead!? This show is firing on all cylinders for me, and from the looks of things, you guys are loving it just as much as I do. So, are you stoked for the third episode which airs this Saturday, November 14th? Sure you’re! So, head on down below and

Official Trailer for Steven C. Miller’s ‘Submerged’ Rises to the Surface
Written by Chris Savage, November 11, 2015
It has finally found its way to the surface. The official trailer for Steven C. Miller’s latest flick Submerged has arrived, and it’s intact. Make your way below and witness your first look at his latest flick and let us know if this is something you’ll be looking out for or not? For me, I’m

[Trailer] Experience a Ghostly Phenomena with ‘Trace’
Written by Chris Savage, November 11, 2015
From Terror Films, comes their latest foray into the world of the supernatural with Ryan Brookhart’s Trace, a film which deals with a form of EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) and a whole host of supernatural forces. Care to take a look? Head on down below for the official trailer, stills, poster and much more on the

‘Mystery Science Theater 3000′ Heads to Kickstarter for a New Series
Written by Jason McDonald, November 10, 2015
It’s the day “Mystery Science Theater 3000″ fans have been waiting for all their lives. The iconic show that riffed on god awful films is finally making a push to come back.  And this isn’t some rumor or idea floating around, this is an honest to goodness return and it’s taking place on Kickstarter right

‘Walking Dead’ Casts Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan
Written by Jason McDonald, November 10, 2015
Fans of the “Walking Dead” comic book series have been awaiting this bit of news for some time now. Who would have the task of playing the infamous character known as Negan?  And can AMC even successfully pull him off given his vulgar nature?  Well, we at least know the answer to one of those

[Updated] George A. Romero’s ‘Empire of the Dead’ Finds a Home at AMC?
Written by Chris Savage, November 10, 2015
You know how it is, when we get something good they will milk it for all it’s worth, and AMC definitely knows a good thing when they’ve got it. The Walking Dead has done tremendous things for the network and so much so that they even commissioned a spin-off in the form of Fear the

Kelsey Grammer and Kellan Lutz Join Spider Film ‘The Nest’
Written by Jason McDonald, November 10, 2015
Do spiders freak you out? How about ancient labyrinths? What about. . . 3D?!  Well, prepare yourself and your odd mish mash of phobias for the new action sci-fi flick “The Nest.” “The Nest” comes by way of director Kimble Rendall, who previously worked on the shark film “Bait”, and is being billed as “the largest Chinese-Australian co-production

‘The Green Inferno’ Hits Blu-ray & DVD This January
Written by Chris Savage, November 9, 2015
I’m yet to see Eli Roth’s The Green Inferno, but it’s definitely one that I need to check out. If you haven’t seen this one yet or you’d simply like to add it to your collection, you’re in luck as we have all the details pertaining to its home video release, read on for all

Official Photo and Details from Meir Zarchi’s Direct Sequel to ‘I Spit On Your Grave’
Written by Chris Savage, November 9, 2015
As you know, they have been a slew of sequels to Steven R. Monroe’s stellar remake of I Spit On Your Grave, and while I haven’t seen the sequels I’ve heard they didn’t exactly hit a home-run. Last year we ushered in the news that Meir Zarchi and Camille Keaton would be reuniting for the direct sequel to

Fallout 4 PS4 Review- Into the Wasteland Once More
Written by Jason McDonald, November 9, 2015
It’s been five years since the last time a lone wanderer ventured out into the wasteland and left their mark on the future of humanity. The “Fallout” series is back with “Fallout 4″ and this time we’re heading to Boston to explore the Bean Town wasteland.  Is this sequel prepared to survive in a new