[Horror Short] He Took His Skin Off For Me
Written by Chris Savage, January 14, 2015
Sometimes we get a short film that come across our way and we have zero expectations whatsoever, but upon viewing it it simply leaves us in awe, and that’s exactly the case with Ben Aston’s short film, which is in fact his grad film from the London Film School and it’s freakin’ awesome! The short

This Trailer Has Emerged ‘Out of the Dark’
Written by Chris Savage, January 14, 2015
For you guys today we have our first look at Lluis Quilez’s supernatural thriller Out of the Dark, by way of an official trailer. So, if you’re into all things spooky, and that goes for creepy kids too, then this sucker might just be for you. Look for the film in theatres this February 27th. Synopsis: Sarah

New Teaser for Call of Duty’s Exo Zombie Mode
Written by Jason McDonald, January 14, 2015
The newest teaser for Call of Duty’s upcoming zombie DLC pack finally introduces us to the characters that we’ll be playing as.  We don’t get to see much of them, granted, but it’s nice to see what polygonal John Malkovich looks like. The video, which you can watch below, details the entire Havoc DLC pack

‘Escape From New York’ Remake is Back on Track
Written by Jason McDonald, January 14, 2015
The remake train is refueled and ready to leave the station. Everyone hop on board! Choo choo!  Deadline is reporting that Fox has won the right to remake the classic John Carpenter film and will be moving forward with a remake of “Escape from New York.” The film starred Kurt Russell is the ultimate badass

Richard Armitage to Play the Tooth Fairy in Hannibal Season Three
Written by Jason McDonald, January 14, 2015
Here’s a big hint as to where the next season of Hannibal will take us.  TVline is reporting that Richard Armitage, who most recently starred in the Hobbit films, will be playing the role of the Tooth Fairy in season three of “Hannibal.” Fans of the Hannibal Lecter series will know that we aren’t talking

Top Ten Horror Film Scores
Written by Gwendolyn Kiste, January 14, 2015
Horror movies would be nowhere without the music. There to amp up the scares and punctuate the chase, horror scores are vital in crafting an effective film. So for your listening pleasure, here are the top ten horror film scores. Kick back with some vintage headphones and enjoy the spooky ride. Suspiria Dario Argento’s surreal

New Official Trailer and Poster for Unfriended
Written by Chris Savage, January 13, 2015
Well my friends, be prepared to become Unfriended. I’m sorry, it just had to happen. Heck, who am I kidding. I love you guys! So, come on down below and check out the brand new trailer and poster for Unfriended (formerly known as Cybernatural). This one looks okay, I’m not going to hold out for

First Look at China Bigfoot: Legend of the Yeren
Written by Chris Savage, January 13, 2015
In my time I have seen some pretty awful poster art, but the artwork for China Bigfoot: Legend of the Yeren, may just take the biscuit and then some. I’m also not sure on the title, the synopsis and trailer has it titled as “China Bigfoot” while the poster has it as “Chinese Bigfoot“,  so

Artsploitation to Unleash ‘Horsehead’ Later This Year
Written by Chris Savage, January 13, 2015
A little while back we got word of a bizarre little flick entitled Horsehead (Fievre). A film that has been crafted by Romain Basset, and one that will most definitely split opinion. While we don’t have a release date for you guys just yet, we do know who will be handling the distribution of the film

First Look at CW’s iZombie
Written by Jason McDonald, January 13, 2015
The CW finally announced that iZombie would be hitting the small screen on March 17th and along with that announcement we have our first look at the upcoming series down below. The teaser trailer basically covers most of what’s seen in the pilot episode, but it also gives away a big twist that is better saved for

‘The Voices’ Will Lead to Murder in New Official Poster
Written by Chris Savage, January 12, 2015
Several days ago we unleashed the first official trailer for Marjane Satrapi’s upcoming flick The  Voices (see below if you missed it) and today, courtesy of Coming-Soon, we can reveal the official poster for the upcoming film. All I can say is finally. A film based on true events. For anyone that owns a cat knows

Ash Vs. Evil Dead to Feature Half Hour Episodes
Written by Chris Savage, January 12, 2015
Am little while back it was announced that Starz would be continuing the Evil Dead franchise in the form of a TV series entitled Ash Vs. Evil Dead. Since then we have learned that Ash will not be alone as he will be accompanied by two other characters and we did hear that the episodes

New Teaser for Walking Dead Season Five
Written by Jason McDonald, January 11, 2015
Look, I’m gonna admit something to you.  I haven’t watched the latest season of “The Walking Dead” yet. Not out of protest or anything like that, but because I decided to cut cable out of my life.  So that means I’m a little behind on my favorite shows.  I fully intend on catching up with

iZombie Gets Premiere Date and Supernatural Moves to a New Night
Written by Jason McDonald, January 11, 2015
I got the chance to see a short cut of the pilot episode for “iZombie” during last year’s San Diego Comic Con and I came  away with some mixed feelings regarding the show.  Still, I’ve been looking forward to the premiere of the series to see if they could improve on some of the basic

Barry Bostwick, Joe Dante, and More Join ‘Tales of Halloween’
Written by Jason McDonald, January 11, 2015
Axelle Carolyn’s “Tales of Halloween” continues to draw in some big names from around the horror industry.  Last October we learned that directors like Neil Marshall, Darren Bousman, and Mike Mendez had been attached as directors for the anthology film. Now we’re starting to hear about who will appear in it. Deadline is reporting that

Ryan Reynolds Has Gone Insane in First Trailer for ‘The Voices’
Written by Jason McDonald, January 10, 2015
“The Voices” has been running the festival circuit for a little while now, but we’re finally getting our first look at it thanks to a new trailer published on Entertainment Weekly’s website. Ryan Reynolds plays Jerry, a loveable goofball who has a hard time making connections with other people.  However, he isn’t totally alone as

Zombies Go Parkour in New ‘Dying Light’ Video
Written by Jason McDonald, January 10, 2015
Zombies doing parkour? Okay, this video clearly exists in the realm of fantasy.  We all know that real life zombies would be incapable of performing such death defying feats as their limbs would probably rip off as they leap from building ledge to building ledge.  Still, this is a pretty great way to promote your

‘The Purge 3′ Coming in 2016
Written by Jason McDonald, January 10, 2015
It looks we’ll be skipping our annual purge this year as the Blumhouse micro-budget success is getting released next year.  Up until now “The Purge” had seen a release in consecutive years, having been put out in 2013 and 2014.  But, to the joy of anti-purgers, the film will be taking a break this year.

A New Friday the 13th Game is in Development!
Written by Chris Savage, January 10, 2015
As The Rock would say, “Finally, Friday the 13th has come back to video game consoles,” and I for one am absolutely thrilled to bits. I’m sure you guys remember the 1989 NES version, right? You, know, the one where you run around a hundred identical-looking cabins, with a map that gives you no assistance

Official Trailer for Jurassic City
Written by Chris Savage, January 9, 2015
Hey, guys. Today we have the brand new trailer for Jurassic Park… Um, what I mean to say is, today we have the official trailer for Jurassic City! Oh yes, and this sucker is heading to DVD this February 3rd and well, it’s just some cheesy fun though isn’t it? Anyway, hit up the trailer