Full Official Trailer for the House Of Manson
Written by Chris Savage, August 26, 2014
Here it is my friends, the first full official trailer for Brandon Slagle’s promising flick House Of Manson has arrived, and we have it below for your viewing pleasure. While we are all very much aware of the tragic events that occurred, this one promises to deliver something more, much deeper than ever before, and

Lifetime Orders Series Based on “The Omen”
Written by Jason McDonald, August 26, 2014
A few months ago we learned that former “Walking Dead” showrunner Glen Mazzara was working on a new sequel to “The Omen” that would be brought to television.  Now we’ve learned that a deal has indeed been made and a series is in the works at Lifetime. The series, titled “Damien”, will pick up years

Elijah Wood Producing Zombie Film ‘Curse the Darkness’
Written by Jason McDonald, August 26, 2014
A few years ago I didn’t know much about Elijah Wood. He was Frodo in “The Lord of the Rings” and that kid from “The Faculty.”  That was the extent of my Elijah Wood knowledge.  I never would have guessed that he would be one of the more interesting talents working in the horror industry

Matthew McConaughey Could Play the Villain in “The Stand”
Written by Jason McDonald, August 26, 2014
It’s probably too early to speculate about such things, but it looks like Warner Bros. is leaning towards a certain actor to take on an integral role in their upcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s “The Stand.” According to Deadline, it would seem that Warner Bros. has caught McConaughey fever like the rest of the world.

Rob Zombie Has an Idea for a “Devil’s Rejects” Sequel But Don’t Get Your Hopes Up
Written by Jason McDonald, August 26, 2014
In case you were desperately holding out hope for another film in the “House of a 1000 Corpses” series, you may want to place you optimism elsewhere.  It looks like you won’t be seeing the Firefly family anytime soon. In an interview with Fangoria (and shared by Shock Till You Drop) Rob Zombie discussed the possibility

First Official Trailer for Exists
Written by Jason McDonald, August 26, 2014
We’ve been hearing about director Eduardo Sanchez’s new project for some time now and today finally brings us our first good look at it.  Sanchez, who previously worked on the “The Blair Witch Project”, is returning to the woods for a new take on the Bigfoot mythos. “Exists” is a new film from director Eduardo

Evil Feed: DVD plus Digital Release
Written by Stephanie Joyce, August 26, 2014
With tag-lines like “If You Tap-Out, You’re Take Out” as part of the fan-fare for the movie, who wouldn’t be interested in seeing this grindhouse-style film? Out today on DVD and Digital Release (Amazon Prime, etc.) is Evil Feed. Based on the premise of an underground MMA fighting ring where the loser becomes delicatessen for rich

Want Zombies? Get Your “Re-Kill” Fill!
Written by Stephanie Joyce, August 25, 2014
Find the Re-Kill extended, six-minute promo reel here first! The music is very Tarantino-esque and the zombies are very dead. Just the way we like em’. And what I love about this movie’s angle on a zombie story is that it is told from the point-of-view of the soldiers hired to take down “Re-Animates”. It

The Girl: A Teaser and Poster
Written by Stephanie Joyce, August 25, 2014
I like helping expose films not that many people know about. This one, so far, has only received 100 hits on YouTube so that’s how fresh this is. Brought to the screen by female director Jennifer Blanc, The Girl gives off the moody vibe that one may have experienced in watching Lovely Bones. Only this movie

Encounter Poster and Trailer
Written by Stephanie Joyce, August 25, 2014
Stumbled across the Encounter poster and trailer for your viewing pleasure. It’s a movie about newlyweds that decide to live happily ever after on a farm. And I personally love the homage it pays to the famous “American Gothic” painting as the couple looks zombified and dead. Very, very dead. Here is the synopsis released

New Official NSFW Trailer & Two TV Spots for As Above, So Below
Written by Chris Savage, August 25, 2014
I’m pretty sure a few of you guys have been following John Erick Dowdle and Drew Dowdle’s latest flick As Above, So Below, right? Well I have and I’m pretty damn stoked for this sucker, and if you guys still need a little more convincing head on down below for some brand new footage via a

Brea Grant & More Climb Aboard The Devil’s Carnival: Alleluia
Written by Chris Savage, August 25, 2014
I wasn’t too sure of what to make of The Devil’s Carnival, but once I witnessed it I knew I was watching something special, and to be honest, it was a whole lot of fun. So what about you guys, enjoy the film? If so, you’ll be pleased to know that a sequel is on

Slew Hampshire Poster and Teaser
Written by Stephanie Joyce, August 25, 2014
Now the title “Slew Hampshire” already gets my vote for best pun in a horror movie title. From what I gathered from the teaser, it  gives off a Cabin Fever meets Deliverance-type vibe. With a size-able budget for an indie horror movie, $1-3 million, Slew Hampshire promises to deliver on the gore. And they happen

Jersey Shore Massacre: Release and Trailer
Written by Stephanie Joyce, August 25, 2014
After the television reign of Jersey Shore has ended, Jennifer “JWOWW” Farley has now dabbled in movie producing to come up with Jersey Shore Massacre. A title that simply nods to the ever-dwindling fame of the show. Having lived in Jersey for 7 years myself, the legend of the “Jersey Devil” is one of the

VIDEO: Stephen King Does ALS Bucket Challenge
Written by Herner Klenthur, August 23, 2014
We salute you Stephen King! As ridiculous as the whole ice bucket challenge has become it has literally helped raise tens of millions for ALS research and has exposed the disease and its effects to the world. Stephen King did the ALS Bucket Challenge for his friend Rocky Wood who suffers from ALS.

Pain is Temporary, Film is Forever: 6 Badass Horror Documentaries
Written by Jared, August 23, 2014
There are a ton of horror movie documentaries out there, and a ton of good ones at that. As a filmmaker, the cream of the crop horror documentaries are ones of the “making of” variety, ones that show the filmmaking process and just how painstaking  yet rewarding making a movie can be. Some of these

What Doesnt Kill You Review
Written by Simon Rother, August 23, 2014
Would you do something so drastic yet so high-risk if it meant it might give you the opportunity to start over with a clean slate? Where you could risk everything and lose it all to perhaps regain it all? These questions are at stake in Rob Grant’s (“Mon Ami” presented at the Fantasia Film Festival

Official Trailer and Poster for Not Human
Written by Chris Savage, August 23, 2014
From a very good friend of ours, Adam R Steigert, comes his latest film Ombis: Alien Invasion which has undergone a title transformation as the film is now know as Not Human, and with that we have for you the official poster and a couple of trailers ahead of its release this September 9th. From the

Take a ‘Lick’ of This New American Horror Story: Freak Show Promo
Written by Chris Savage, August 23, 2014
Here we go guys, the promo train for American Horror Story: Freak Show is officially in high gear a we have for you yet another teaser for the upcoming season for you guys to check out below. I don’t know about you, but I’m absolutely stoked for this season, let us know if you’re or

First Official Trailer for Amityville: The Awakening
Written by Chris Savage, August 23, 2014
Just yesterday we ushered in our first glimpse at Amityville: The Awakening via some screen grabs, and today we have for you the full official trailer courtesy of Yahoo! for you guys to check out below. You guys are still interested in Amityville, right? The film stars Jennifer Jason Leigh, Bella Thorne, McKenna Grace, Cameron